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Why Do Couples Wear Wedding Rings On Fourth Finger?

Outside being one of the foremost destinations for wedding gifts in Brickell, we have also had to calm many couples’ worries. On several occasions, our customers asked what fingers to wear wedding rings.

Why are wedding rings worn on the fourth finger; why not the middle? Must one follow the conventions?

To answer those questions, we wrote this post which explains everything about wedding rings and what fingers to wear them. So, if you have similar inquiries, then you're in the right place.

Why Are Wedding Rings Worn On The Fourth Finger?

The Vena Amoris Theory

In ancient times, Romans believed humans have a vena amoris - a Latin phrase that translates to the “vein of love.” According to them, this love vessel lies within the fourth finger on the left hand.

You might be wondering, what is special about this love vessel?

Like all veins, vena amoris also carry blood towards the heart. Deductively, emotions and feelings would travel quickly towards the heart. In summary, love birds believe putting a ring on their vena amoris would ultimately seal their marriages. The love vein would open directly into their lover's heart, and the two will live happily forever.

Dispelling The Myth:

Funnily enough, there is nothing like vena amoris. At least, not yet; we’ve not seen any scientific study to prove the existence. Instead of a “special” love-vein finger, all fingers are connected to the heart.

Regardless of that fact, couples still hold on to the traditions. Perhaps they needed something to believe!


The Chinese Theory

Like the Romans, the Chinese have their theories about putting wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand. However, there is no talk of a "special" vein. Instead, the Chinese demonstrated how each finger represents different aspects of the family.

Here is a guide about the Chinese demonstration:

  • First, know what each of your fingers means:
    • The thumb denotes parents
    • The index is the siblings
    • The middle finger is you
    • The fourth finger is your partner
    • The last finger (pinkie) is the children
  • After, start the activity:
    • Spread your fingers on both hands apart,
    • Now, bring the separated fingers together, but let the knuckles of middle fingers join first,
    • Afterward, merge the other fingers at their tips
    • Next, split all the fingers one after the other barring the middle finger
    • After following all the steps, you’d see that your thumb, index, and last finger will separate, but your fourth finger won't
  • Deduction: your parents, siblings, and even children will always leave you, but not your partner. That is why the fourth finger is significant for marriage and wedding rings.

Dispelling The Myth:

Frankly, the Chinese finger demonstration is practical and convincing. However, there is no concrete explanation of how the theorists assigned meaning to each finger.

Nevertheless, we agree that the Chinese theory is a better fit than "vena amoris." Plus, it is fun too!

Cultural And Religious Theories

While the Chinese and Romans prefer the left hand for wedding rings, Indians (for example) prefer the right hand. To them, "left" is unlucky and impure.

Cultures aside, even religious theorists have their ideals. For example, leaders of Anglican churches in the 15th century advised attendants not to put wedding rings on their left hand. They did so to separate themselves from the Catholics.

Dispelling The Myth:

Indians had since been using wedding rings on their right hands. Perhaps they learned that the placement doesn't determine what the future holds. The Anglicans, on the other hand, only wanted to separate themselves.

So, what can you make out of all that?


Should You Use Your Wedding Ring On Your Fourth Finger?

Culturally, the fourth finger is recognized for weddings and engagements. So, if you want onlookers to understand your relationship status, we’ll recommend that you stick to the status quo.

But if you and your spouse don't mind breaking the convention, you can place your rings on whatever finger on whichever hand suits you. However, you might have to contend with the number of suitors who would continue disturbing you.

In any case, the decision is yours. And whatever option you take, remember that love isn't just “rings and weddings.” It is a lifelong commitment that will help you be the best version of yourself for your partner. So, prioritize the action over the symbol!

Luckily, we have a few suggestions on how you can continually build your relationship. Check them out:

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