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5 Different Ways You Can Entertain Guests At Your Wedding

Your love for your spouse might already be the stuff of legend. But if your wedding isn’t fun enough for your guests, it’ll soon fade away in their memories. Now, you might ask, what do you care? After all, it is your wedding, and what you say goes!

Your guests would follow your wedding gift list generously; the least they deserve is that you consider them in your plans. Besides, you only do a wedding once, why not make yours memorable for everyone?

And if you're thinking about money, you don't necessarily have to spend big to entertain your guests. You only need to be creative and thoughtful; do more than the conventional DJ's setlist and dancing – follow the unique ideas below!

Use Your Guests’ Team Mascot

If you're a sports couple, the chances are that majority of your friends would have similar interests. In that case, why not invite your guests' team mascot?

Indeed, the idea is unconventional. But it can be fun. How?

Mascots are generally masters of ceremonies. They know how to cheer the crowd. Plus, the fluffy big-baby will be a great addition to pictures.

Engage Cultural Dancers 

Your guests probably know club dancing. So, do something different. Why not introduce a bit of tradition to yours? If that sounds like a great idea to you, check our suggestions:

  • The lion dancers – you can use these entertainers if you have any affinity to Chinese culture or if most of your guests are from the country. Regardless, the lion dancing will undoubtedly lighten the mood.
  • The belly dancers – are famous in the Arabic culture for newly-married couples. You can invite them to entertain your guests. According to tradition, belly dancers often lead newlyweds and their guests to the reception. But you can use them for any grand entry you see fit.
  • The New Orleans lines – these entertainers are your option if you're planning a grand wedding. The first line with the brass bands will lead the way, and everyone will follow. However, ensure you secure permits because they can be loud.

Introduce Fun Games

Games are always effective at enlivening crowds. You should include some at your wedding. However, carefully select what games you'll feature. Your choice should revolve around your wedding – you won't want to take the shine away from the main event.

But what if you don’t know any fun games? Our recommendations can help:

  • The wedding shoe game – is about you and your spouse: the knowledge of who is best at what. With about 20 – 50 questions, you and your partner will raise your shoes in agreement with a host’s inquiries.

The pauses in between the wedding shoe game are fun. And trust us, it'll humor your guest – and even you and your spouse.

  • Wedding alphabet game – you can take the limelight a bit away from you and your spouse now. This game focuses on the guest. Here, you will engage guests to fill out printed alphabet sheets with wedding-related words.

Note: you can spice things up using the initials of your names instead of the typical A-Z alphabets. Also, you can introduce gifts to the winner (the guest with the most words).

  • Bouncy castle – is not exactly a game but a lively and playful inflatable addition to your wedding theme. It can entertain your guests' kids – and even some of the young-at-heart adults. However, ensure there is someone with the castle to prevent injuries, especially kids.

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Surprise Guests With Swimmers Or Acrobatics

Depending on your wedding venue, you can add synchronized swimmers and aerialists to the mix. Whichever option you choose, you'll surely surprise your guests.

If you're using swimmers, you can add a bit of choreographing and matching costumes. Perhaps you can adapt everything to your wedding theme!

For the aerialists, place them over the drink area. Imagine your guests during their cocktail or bourbon tasting break and some acrobatics over their heads! It will be a unique twist, and that will be fun.

Use Personalized Mad Libs

While mad libs are usually for acquainting kids with grammar and vocabulary skills, you can still adapt them for your wedding. With the templates, you can engage your guests to write love stories.

The idea will be funny to everyone. Plus, the mad libs will bring unforgettable memories for you and your spouse. You can always check them and laugh again.

Last note: while planning, ensure you rest, and avoid wedding burnout. All the best!

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