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New Year Resolution For Couples

The chances are that you’ve already drafted your goals for the New Year. Maybe you wanted to open a new line of business, visit Mykonos in the summer, or finally spend a weekend at a spa. Either way, we know your morale is up to the task - 100%.

However, we hope you consider your relationship in your 2022’s resolution. If you hadn’t, it is high time you did so. Without a healthy relationship, attaining new heights in your business and routine life would hardly be possible.

Bottom line: your relationship should be one of the core points of your New Year's resolution. So, where and how can you start?

The tips in this article can guide you. Check them out below!

Don't Neglect The Friendship!

We understand that the base word of relationships often changes – depending on the individuals and cultures involved. To some people, it is dating, while others call it love or marriage. But regardless of what name you call it, the truth remains that all relationships start with friendship.

In other words, you always have to focus on being friends first with your partner. So, how can you do that? Let’s revisit Britannica’s definition of friendship:

Britannica says friendship is a state of enduring affection, esteem, intimacy, and trust between two people. That is your cue!

In 2022, focus on the shared affection, esteem, intimacy, and trust between you and your partner. Do that, and your relationship will survive any storm.

Spend Quality Time Together

Adulthood can quickly turn us into beavers. While we might not necessarily be building dams and bridges like the nocturnal rodent, we sure have our share of busy schedules. Unfortunately, such tight schedules can affect even the best of friendships.

Note: we’re not saying you should stay glued to your partner 24/7. You’ll never achieve your career goals that way. Regardless, make conscious efforts to spend time with each other. Take intentional breaks from work to go on dates, trips, and events with your spouse.

Another thing you should note: pressing your phone while having a conversation with your partner doesn’t qualify as quality time. When you both finally create the “time,” we will advise you to give your full attention. Soak in the experience and actively contribute to the discussion.

In our experience, spending quality time with one's partner improves communication. And that usually results in a positive experience for all the parties involved.

Here are some ideas on how you can spend time with your partner:

  • Join a gym together
  • Have routine date nights
  • Watch live shows together
  • Go skiing, hiking, golfing – do sports together
  • Go on vacations

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Anger Management

Frankly, disagreements will happen despite the friendship and the quality time you share with your partner. And by now, you might even have a way to walk about the "downtimes." Even at that, you can't relax in 2022.

Take extra efforts to find new ways to manage disagreements and disappointments with your partner. Don’t lash out in heated arguments. And if by chance you did, apologize instantly.

Furthermore, we’ll advise you to have an anger management ritual. It might be yoga or even registering with a counselor. At the same time, you can try the simple "60-sec countdown." Now, how does that work?

Count backward from 60 to 0 before replying to your partner when you're angry. Counting backward requires energy and focus, and by the time you're through, you'll have less angst or tension - if at all any.

Voila, everyone wins!

Lastly, and most importantly, you and your partner should learn to take things slow and avoid nagging.

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Learn To Read Between The Lines

Already, we stated the importance of communication when spending time with your partner. However, the mouth can sometimes be stiff, even when the heart and mind are heavy.

In other words, there will be times (plenty) when your partner will find it hard to open up to you. When such cases arise, don’t fret or act out in anger. Instead, take a pause.

Most importantly, be empathetic and introspective. What could make your partner so stiff? Is it something you did? Or maybe it’s not even about you!

Bottom line: learn to read between the lines in 2022; study both your partner's actions and inactions. The skill will help you in the New Year and beyond.

Be Appreciative!

It is no small fit to keep with anyone’s inconsistencies and antiques. Surprisingly, your partner has been managing such realities since they met you. For that reason, they deserve appreciation.

So, this New Year (and beyond), take the time to say thank you!

Say I appreciate you!

Say I love you!

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