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Our Story

Hi! We’re Jacobo & Helen, the founding members of Shopdeluxy.  On our wedding, we received a lot of truly breath-stopping gifts. Most of our guest showed up with just about the same boring gifts (which we never ended up using).  

After our wedding, we had come to realize how much thought and care it takes to find the perfect wedding gift. Even when you have made a great choice of wedding gift, the price tags could discourage you. So, we decided that we would make ShopDeluxy into a brand that caters for deeply affectionate wedding guests. We throw in a spice of fun and keep the prices within reach.

What you have is magic that is bound to continue to kindle a smile in the hearts of your friends and family for years to come.

ShopDeluxy is a family brand that offers us a rare opportunity to add some joy to couples and bring unique and memorable products to the market. With our Mr & Mrs products receiving hundreds of positive reviews, you could be our next satisfied buyer! 

Thinking of a wedding gift? Think warmth, loving, endearing and memorable. ShopDeluxy offers you a one-stop online wedding shopping experience for your loved ones.

We believe that every couple deserves perfect memorabilia on their special day. Celebrate unending love with Shop Deluxy!  

Your order supports our small family owned business.


Deluxy is a premium brand that specializes in wedding gifts for couples. We are the leaders in gift-ables, bringing to the market products that connect people together.

Our gifts put a smile on anyone who receives them. We pride ourselves on enhancing relationship success and empowering love through our Award-Winning gifts.

Our specialty? Bridal shower gifts, wedding gifts, newlyweds, gifts for couples, anniversary, our just because present for wife!

What are you waiting for? shop with us and spread the joy of giving