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Best Romantic Getaways For Couples In 2022

Who says love and romance must always be within confined spaces? Won’t you love to take your spouse all over the world and sing rhythms of your good time? We bet you do! That is why we have written this piece!

And it doesn't matter if you need this trip as a honeymoon or a getaway from your hectic wedding preparation and work routine. Either way, our list contains everything – from adventure to action. So, get ready to express your love across the world!

But first, ensure that you already have your custom Mr. & Mrs. luggage tags and passport holder. That said, are you ready to take this trip? Yes?

Marrakesh, Morocco

The first destination we'd like you and your spouse to try is Marrakesh, Morocco, because of its majestic feeling. Or what better way to treat your partner than showing them they are royal to you?

So, start at Marrakesh. And frankly, you'd love the red city. Its streets are filled with sights and action-packed activities.

Above all else, Marrakesh's main attraction is its market. Some of such exotic markets are in Medina: A city filled with buying and selling all across its alleys. While you are at Medina, ensure you and your partner get yourselves a souvenir of the city.

So, what else? How about some water experience?

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

If you and your spouse love scenic freshwater views, Lake Tahoe is your perfect destination. While you are there, we will advise you and your spouse to check out the hot tub in their spas. But if you prefer your hot bath in a somewhat open area, you can try one of the many hot springs available at Lake Tahoe. And trust us, there are some incredible views out there!

Besides hot baths, you and your spouse would also enjoy skiing and golfing at Lake Tahoe. It's one of the weekend offerings at Squaw Valley. And when all that is over, you can sail over the lake with your partner, sipping wine and whispering sweet and relaxing words to each other.

Or would you love to take your love affair to the sky? If yes, it is possible here:

Tuscany, Italy

If you and your partner are not scared of heights and would love some ride on hot-air balloons, Tuscany, Italy would fit you both as the perfect getaway. While you're up in the air, you would get beautiful views of the city and all its landscape. And you'd better believe such views can be amazing!

When all the hot-air riding is over, we task you and your partner to delight yourselves in the city's Tuscan pizza. It is outrightly a world-class menu.

In summary, Tuscany, Italy, is a dreamy city that would allow you and your spouse to forget the stress of your routine lives. And by our standards at Shop Deluxy, we'll recommend it as the perfect destination to pop the question.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

Lake and sailing might not be your hobby; you might be the party and city type. If that's you, there is no better place to enjoy the busy and party-centric fun than New Orleans.

Without a doubt, New Orleans never sleeps. It is always vibrant and filled with parties and music. You and your spouse could use one of such fun-filled activities to de-stress yourselves. And while you are both at it, check out the exciting local dishes. Our pick is the Sazeracs - but the swine fries and crawfish are equally tasteful.

Costa Rica

If you and your spouse fancy nature over parties, you'd love Costa Rica and its biodiversity. After all, it is the world's most bio-diverse country. That said, start your romance-nature adventure from the forests of Poas Volcano National Park and Manuel Antonio Park or in Rio Celeste Waterfall. In those locations, rest assured you'd delight your eyes with plenty of wildlife.


Your romance getaway experience is not complete without a taste of the city of love itself. So, head on to Paris and soak in all the beauty of this romantic city. That said, the first place you should visit is none other than the Eiffel Tower. By itself, the structure is the symbol of romance. And we hope your love stands as tall!

After the Eiffel tower experience, check the Temple of love too. It is located within an island of lakes - and it is a spectacular beauty.

Summarily, have fun and enjoy the company of your partner. Most importantly, leave work at home. This getaway is your chance to be free. So, be free!

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