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The Bride’s Guide To Popular Types Of Wedding Bouquet

Finding the perfect wedding bouquets often goes beyond selecting your favorite flowers and throwing a hail Mary. If you want your special day to reflect class and beauty, then you will need more.

For starters, consider your wedding and color theme. And there is the weather factor. Will your dream flower even be in season for when you are tying the knot?

So you see, there's more to wedding bouquets than wishful thinking. Even at that, you can still have the perfect one. How?

In this guide, we have rummaged our list to arrive at the 6 tested and proven wedding bouquets that you can trust. And be rest assured that we have captured your taste.

So, shall we begin?


This bouquet is our pick for aesthetics. And we can tell you that you will stand out with one of these.

With the Biedermeier bouquet, the flower spirals out into colorful circles from the center. And depending on your taste, you can have as many circles as you see fit.

The idea behind the circles is to add visual effects to your bouquet - and they do so perfectly. To attain the most visually pleasing effect, we will advise you to use equally attractive flowers such as dahlias, orchids, or roses. While you are at it, add a spice of lively greenery - try ferns and textured leaves.


Like the name, cascade bouquet drops down like a cascading teardrop. With this option, know that the flowers will hang down from your hand.

About flowers, the cascade bouquet fits all kinds. But we will advise you to go for lilies or roses if you want a contemporary style.

To make the styling of your cascade bouquet even more beautiful and unique, add tapering effects with the addition of fresh ivy greeneries.

Overall, cascade bouquets are the perfect fit for tall fairytale brides, especially brides wearing princess-style wedding dresses. Also, it adds a slimming effect to your dress - though lightly. If the features we listed are what you seek, you already have your pick.


Say you don't enjoy the makeshift contemporary style of cascade bouquets. Try the composite option.

Composite bouquets are the most modern-styled options for weddings. With one, you can expect to delight your audience with a gigantic flower made from hundreds of unique petals.

About the makeup flowers, composite bouquet adopts any kind. But we will advise you to use large-petaled flowers such as lilies and roses - they are attractive and have a fresh scent.

In all, if what you seek is an elegant and dashing bouquet for your wedding, composite is what you seek. However, note that this option is pricey.


If you want a DIY wedding bouquet, try the hand-tied option. These bouquets are easy to make, and they are natural too.

In hand-tied bouquets, all you need is a cluster of freshly picked flowers. And like the name, you then tie the greeneries with a ribbon.

About the flowers, you can use any for hand-tied bouquets. Whichever flower you choose, know that there will be a focal one which the other will circle.

Also, note that long-stemmed flowers are the best fit for hand-tied bouquets, and they should be of equal lengths. Afterward, you can wrap them with floral tape before adding the ribbon.

A specific example of the hand-tied bouquet is the posy. The posy is particular about color over greeneries. For that reason, the emphasis here is on the petals - and they are often loose.

In all, hand-tied bouquets are perfect for minimalist weddings with a focus on naturalness. They equally go well for petite brides with a soft spot for jewelry.


If you want the elegance of composite bouquets, but in a Victorian style, nosegay should be your pick. This option is a classic!

Nosegay bouquets are traditional in shape with fancy ribbon. In a nutshell, they are the perfect fit for chic weddings. You can even use them for bridesmaids' bouquets because of their size.

There are no limitations on what type of flower to use for this bouquet. However, your picks should be small and in uniform length. Also, note that there is only one dominant bloom here.


Like the pomander bouquets, these options are also round in shape - hence the name. Round bouquets are even more dashing when you use bulbous-shaped flowers.

About use, you can use round bouquets for traditional and modern weddings. But note that they focus on flowers rather than the greenery. Another thing is that there is usually one kind of flower here.

If the conditions we stated meet your needs, a round bouquet will fit you perfectly.

We hope you have been able to narrow a couple of bouquet options for your big day. If you have, you can as well go on to pick the date of your wedding.

Fortunately, we have a guide on choosing wedding dates. Check our helpful articles below.

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