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7 Ways Weddings Have Changed Since Pandemic

Ever since the pandemic hit globally, some couples are devastated to pause, cancel, or move their wedding date and change the way they celebrate and invite their loved ones to their big day.

Some of the pretty obvious changes since the pandemic started are the guest list size, wedding reception, and honeymoon venue.

On a positive note, couples getting married amidst the pandemic now have the chance to spend less, have more intimate wedding, and choose limited but closest family members.

Let us discuss the other ways that weddings have changed since the pandemic.

From Videographer to Livestream

Hiring the best videographer to record every bit of your wedding has been a norm for couples a few years back. But then, going live stream is the new norm these past few months!

Friends and extended family can watch the couples getting married via a live stream, and it gets automatically recorded by the software they use.

Which by the way, going live stream is much cheaper than hiring a videographer. And, you can enjoy inviting more than 50 viewers to your big day.

Less is more!

For the past decades, the bride has the privilege to choose the most glamorous venue for their wedding.

Since there are businesses that were shut down, and wedding places become limited and a little bit pricey, taking advantage of spacious backyard, or extra spaces at home is the new trend.

No one really cares if you tie the knot in the backyard or at your friend’s huge extra space, your happiness matters.

The goal here is to get married to the person you love, and all you have to do is design the area that matches your wedding theme.

Unique Attires

Working from home, limited wedding designers available, and complying strictly with health protocols when going out of your comfortable homes are some of the reasons why couples have decided to wear unique attires at their wedding because that’s what makes them happier despite all the restrictions.

Besides, with everything limited nowadays, couples are now doing everything they want for as long as they have the privilege of decision-making, especially for the big day.

Which is why you will notice some of the people tying the knot these past few months are wearing unique attires with fun colors and trendy embellishments, because why not!

Wedding preparation becomes simpler.

Previously, it takes 6 months to 1 year to prepare for the wedding. But when the pandemic started, wedding preparation becomes more straightforward, and it’s indeed helpful for the bride and the groom.

In the past years, the bride and the groom have to leave work to go to multiple places to find the perfect wedding venue for them. In 2021, they are looking for places that can only accommodate less than 20 persons.

For instance, in a private resort, in the backyard, or a place with proper ventilation, they can still practice social distancing.

Wedding souvenirs are more practical.

Getting married amidst the pandemic has also helped couples trim down their expenses and choose more practical wedding souvenirs.

Practical wedding souvenirs such as Mr. & Mrs. Cheese Board, aprons, and wine tumblers. Souvenirs will make family and friends more comfortable staying at home since many people are now getting used to different home activities. For instance, baking, selling homecooked meals and enjoying a zip of their favorite cocktails after a tiring work from home on Fridays.

If you don’t want to miss anything important for your wedding, a wedding planner is a must! It helps you to keep everything more organized, save almost $200.00 on your budget, and most of all, we made sure it comes with tried and tested methods for your wedding.

Multiple Celebrations

Because mass gathering is still not allowed as a health protocol, most couples choose to tie the knot on weekends and include multiple celebrations.  Like a sister’s birthday, mini-reunion with first cousins, or an appreciation day for grandparents.

From well-known food caterers to locals

In a traditional wedding, couples are spending budget for 3 different food caterers but, everything has changed now. Couples are helping friends make ends meet and friendly advertise during their wedding by choosing locals as their food caterers.



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