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7 Wedding Ideas For Romantic Couples

Understandably, you don't want your wedding experience to leave a sour taste. You want it to be an ecstasy laced with twinkling lights, "awn" moments, and enchanting music.

Admit it, you're a hopeless romantic, and the usual wedding styles don't meet up to your taste. You want more; you want wedding ideas for romantic couples like you.

Good news! We got you covered! We have compiled a list of seven such ideas in this post just for you.

Start With A Candlelit Reception

The best love story is one with a unique starting. So, adapt the same for your romantic wedding.

Turn on the lights; set the mood with ambient lighting options!

In our experience, the most romantic way to go about ambient lighting is with candle lights. However, you should make sure your preferred reception venue allows that. If they do, then perfect!

They don't?

Don't fret; you can use non-flame candles that burn just as beautifully as the usual.

Another thing you want to note is how fast the candle burns. Your ambiance light should at least last until dinner is over.

Bring In The Fairy Lights

Also known as the string or twinkle lights, fairy lights are the next touch to make your wedding glow. We particularly love the magic they bring.

What's more, you can use fairy lights in whatever way suits you. For starters, you could hang the magic bulbs from the ceilings.

Say you don't like bulbs dropping, or the venue doesn't allow such. How about styling the arch with fairy lights?

If that doesn't meet your taste still, you can read more about wedding plans and styles in the Wedding Planning Simplified.

Use Woodland Details for Your Decor

Once you settle lighting, the next step is a backdrop that captures your essence. And for romantic weddings, no other decor comes close to woodland details.

Think back to your favorite romantic movies. They always happen around nature - some trees, green grasses, and tendrils! You can create such scenes too with woodland-inspired details.

That said, you don't necessarily have to go all elaborate and spend all your money here. If you want a budget but romantic wedding, try pines and wooden cards.

A Live Band Is A Great Idea

You've adjusted the light and made the scenes natural; now is the time to bring the enchanting music.

While music playing over a media player isn't a bad idea, we would advise you to go for a live band. Seeing your favorite band play at your wedding can send bolts of happiness through your spine.

And if you want your wedding to be a romantic masterpiece, let the live band set the tone with befitting music.

Style Up Your Dresses

Another thing that can make your wedding even more romantic is your appearance. What dress are you wearing? How about the suit?

About the dress, we will advise that you go for a long sleeve. It matches for winter and fall. Beyond that, the extra cloth adds an extra elegance that you will find romantic.

About the suit for the groom, go for the textured kinds. Why?

Textured suits exude shades of coziness, and they come in different patterns and materials. In other words, you can pick from a range of options.

Style Your Cake Too

Your dresses are not the only thing you could retouch. You can also add a spice of magic to your cake.

About that, how about styling your beautiful wedding cake with fruit?

Think about it; such an act will make your wedding stand out. More importantly, a fruity cake will add spice and fun to your romantic scene.

Pro tip: choose in-season fruits; they are budget-friendly.

Drive Off In The Car Of Your Dreams

What better way to conclude your romantic wedding than a getaway in your dreamy car? This move is classic and evergreen. Regardless of how many times you have seen it happen in movies, driving off into the sunset is romantic and fun.

Pro tip: let your wedding planner know about the "dream car plan." Also, if you will be drinking, you'd better hire a driver to drive.

Even if you don't fancy mushiness, you will admit that these wedding ideas for romantic couples are a classic. Don't you think?

For us, we think you will have fun and a lovely wedding as you have always wanted. Good luck!

Need more inspiration about weddings and the planning? Check the posts on our blog!

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