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6 Things To Do A Week Before Your Wedding

Are you having wedding jitters? Pre-wedding jitters are normal for women who are getting married.

Give yourself some space and peace of mind. We have prepared self-care tips about the activities you should do a week before your wedding.

Write A Letter to Your Fiancé

In our generation today, people almost forget the value of writing a letter. Perhaps on your wedding day, everything will keep you busy.  

You don’t have time to express your excitement for the life you will be sharing with your future husband.

This is probably the best time to look back at those memories you had together for the past long years, and tell him how much you treasure all the ups and downs in your lives, and how much you value his love towards you.

Spend a quiet time alone, and write an appreciation letter to your fiancé, and be sincere, include everything you are grateful for the big event as you become one.

Keep Up with Your Beauty Regime

Wedding preparation is exhausting. It could be a six-month-long activity with your future husband.

Thus, you have forgotten to take care of yourself as well as your beauty regime every night.

Start a social media detox and fill your bathtub with your favorite bath bomb!  As you enjoy the rejuvenating moment, listen to relaxing songs while zipping at your wine tumblers fill up with your favorite drink.

Don’t forget to moisturize and use your facial night cream after a refreshing bath.

Spend a day with your best friend

You probably did not notice during the wedding preparation that you almost had no time to bond with your best friend and even with yourself. It would be best to spend one whole day with your best pal.

Set up a movie day at home, prepare snacks and get on your wine tumblers to make the movie bonding with your favorite person more special.

During this day, forget about checking your social media profiles and seize the moment.

This is the last week of being single and thinking about nothing at all. Enjoy the day with your favorite person for being there all along with you throughout the years.

Get A Massage

On this special day where you have to go to a spa, try to avoid any wedding talk when possible.

This day should be all focused on yourself. You may choose to go solo or be at the spa with your mom. Following a strict diet routine, managing a tight budget, limited suppliers, and wedding venue as the effect of the pandemic.

We all know how high your stress levels when you started planning everything on your big day.

As a self-care tip, take some time off and reserve a day at the spa with your mom to get a massage.

Watch Your Favorite Band Online

Have you been avoiding spending some buckets because you had shell out your budget for the wedding? Don’t sweat the small stuff! Purchasing an online ticket to watch your favorite band online is valid as one of the self-care activities you must do a week before the wedding.

Buy that online concert ticket, grab your wine tumblers and have fun! Don’t deprive yourself of doing the things you love, just because you’re getting married.

You are supposed to enjoy the life you have right now, and getting married doesn’t mean that you do not deserve to be happy.

Enroll To 3-Day Yoga Session

One of the effective self-care activities you can do a week before the wedding is to do some yoga. It helps you be calm and more peaceful with yourself leading you to have the same way with your partner.

More than that, yoga reduces stress, relieves anxiety and most of all, it promotes better sleep quality which you are in dire need at the moment.



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