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How To Choose the Perfect Date For Your Wedding?

Growing up, you had the perfect idea of when you'd like to get married. You want it in the windy snow, during Christmas, and perhaps with Santa Claus and Rudolf The Rednose Reindeer in attendance!

That would be classic. Wouldn't it?

Well, regardless of your dream wedding date, it's no easy task settling on the D-day. And we are here to tell you that the date often sets itself in the end.

So, don't fret about it!

Nevertheless, you can guide your wedding date to meet up with your plans, budgets, and dreams. How? Just how can you choose your wedding date?

How Soon After Engagement Should You Tie The Knot?

The first thing you want to consider is your engagement window. How soon after the ring is the big day? Will it be a week?  3months? A year?

In our experience, this question is the most crucial determiner of your wedding date. The time you have ultimately determines if you'll get the venue, the date, and the guests that you wanted.

More importantly, the engagement-wedding frame decides how much stress the decision and planning will pile on you. That said, what can you do?

Give yourself time! At least, a year between engagement and your wedding. Too long? No, and this is why:

A year gap before marriage helps you get custom dresses and designs - if that's what you want.  Also, it helps you get your preferred venue at the right time.

Lastly, the year-long planning helps your VIPs prepare ahead of time. That way, they (the VIPs) can tell their bosses in time to avoid excuses and absenteeism.

Note: if the plan is tying the knot in a year, you should at least have drafts of the likely dates four weeks after the engagement.

Your Preferred Venue Has A Say In Your Wedding Date

We understand that you set your mind on a date. But do you realize that your preferred wedding venue is crucial to any date you choose?

Well, unless you want your wedding anywhere! If you do, you will still need a venue. So, you might as well use your dream location and prepare for it.

So, what you will do here is find the schedule of the preferred venue. See the free periods and decide if they fit your drafted dates.

Do the schedules fit your plans? No?

Remember, you have a year! Why not book ahead? That means you're getting the location and the date of your choice, and at a discounted price.

But wait, should you stick to date or season?

Choose Date But Prioritize The Season

We hate to break it to you, but you might never get the special date that you wanted! Maybe what you wanted is Valentine's Day, Christmas, or even a new year.

Sorry, those days might never be free! But you can still pick within the season. Your wedding doesn't necessarily have to be on February 14th, neither must it be exactly December 25th or January 1st.

You can toggle around the season and still key into the festive period! Besides, do you know that vanity dates often double as public holidays?

In essence, hosting your wedding on popular holidays will attract extra fees. Why? Venues and organizers might pay extra charges for holding events on days like that.

Another thing you want to consider about seasons is the weather. Regardless of your dream date, settle for when the weather wouldn't cause you too much havoc. Unless, you have the budget to set control measures in place.

Traditions Are Cool, Dare To Be Different

The chances are that you value customs and traditions. Perhaps you feel there are lucky days where the stars shine the brightest for marriages.

If that's you, consider such days too. We will understand if you want the zodiac signs to bow. Maybe the Pisces and other constellations should align - it's cool, we agree!

Nevertheless, know that it is okay if you shift your wedding date outside the cultural days. If your preferred venues are free on such timelines, satisfy your wishes by all means.

While you're at it, check June. The month is Juno's. Fortunately, Juno is the goddess of marriage - her blessings won't be a bad idea!

But whatever you do, you don't have to do the usual Saturday weddings. Midweek "I do" won't reduce the weight of your promises. Instead, it will reduce your expenses. How?

Venues and organizers might give you a discount on their free days to get a few on their plate. Use the window!

Can You Afford The Date In View

By now, you definitely have a date in mind, especially after reading through our earlier tips. If yes, perfect!

The last and the most crucial stage is to consider your budget. Can you afford your preferred wedding date? Will the venue charges not cut deep into your pockets?

Beyond you, consider your guests too. Can they afford the trips? Will it be convenient?

If you answered yes to these questions, congratulations - you have your wedding date. Else, continue brainstorming, you're almost there!

Good luck!

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