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How To Host The Best Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is a celebration given to the bride-to-be; this is also the best opportunity to shower the bride with gifts she truly deserves during her last few months of being single before tying the knot.

Usually, the bride’s mother, best friend, maid-of-honor, or the bridesmaids host the bridal shower. In this article, we’ve rounded up an easy-to-follow timeline to determine how to host the best bridal shower that every bride and guest will love!

1.     Pick a date and a theme.

It is crucial to pick a reasonable date that fits the brides-to-beschedule. When selecting the bridal shower’s date, ask the bride about her schedule and pick a theme that she will enjoy. 

How To Host The Best Bridal Shower

Here are a few bridal theme ideas that you can get inspired from. 

  • Nautical Affair – Whether you plan to celebrate it on a yacht or in an exclusive beachfront property, you will only need to incorporate the design like anchors, ship wheels, sailor’s hats, navy-blue hues, and stripes for this theme. 


  • Black-Tie Glitter and Glitz – If the bride is fond of fancy things and loves to wear glamorous outfits, there’s no better theme for the event than the Black-Tie Glitter and Glitz.


To style the bridal shower in this theme, all you have to do is decorate the venue with any glitter and sparkle, and you’re good to go!

  • Backyard Bliss – If you’d like to have a more relaxing vibe for the bridal shower, you can transform the brides or one of your friend’s home.

Add some floral arrangements, picnic props, and some twinkle lights to give it the perfect atmosphere. 

Travel Theme – Does your sister or friend love to explore? Then the travel theme might just be right for her bridal shower. Some luggage tags and maps with pin locations of those countries she hasn’t visited yet could offer a friendly & personalized travel vibe. 

You can also choose the top 3 cities worldwide and serve their specialty at the bridal shower. 

2.     Book a Venue

Booking a venue before sending the invitations is essential. Otherwise, the organization can be a right mess.  Typically, the bridal shower is held at the bride’s home, but any place works for as long as you can stick to the program or set of activities in your chosen venue.

Aside from celebrating the bridal shower at the bride’s home, you can also visit a resort, favorite restaurant, an out-of-town trip.

3.     Prepare the guest list.

We highly recommend including the close female relatives of both the bride and groom. If this event is a surprise bridal shower, you can ask her fiancé or mother which of the female relatives and friends she’s close with, so you can invite them. 

Plus, you should also ask the bride-to-be or someone close to her who you shouldn’t invite to ensure that she’ll feel comfortable. 

4.     Send invitations and confirm arrangements.

Nowadays, sending invitations is easy; you can create a group chat on your favorite messaging app or send an invitation card through an email if you prefer to be formal. Afterward, confirm your booking at the venue, suppliers, and food catering; doing these things a week before the bridal shower can save more time and prevent any hassle during the event.

How To Host The Best Bridal Shower

Final Thoughts

Set a budget ahead of time for the props, preparation, and the number of guests that will join the party. Always keep the communication line open between the bride-to-be,  guests, and you to ensure that the bridal shower lives up to the expectations.  

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