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How To Give A Great Wedding Toast

In reference, a wedding toast is more like a celebratory speech for the couple. Usually, a wedding toast is given by the parents of the bride or groom, best man, matron of honor, and maid of honor; if you belong to this, you should probably prepare your wedding toast. 

Giving a wedding toast can be terrifying, especially since all the important people in the groom and bride’s lives are present. Here are a few things on how to give a great wedding toast and to prevent yourself from stuttering. 

Give a little background. 

Introduce yourself to the majority of the guests and how you are related to either bride or groom, this will help them to identify whose side of the wedding party you are part of. Share a little bit of meaningful background information on how you met the bride or the groom during your younger years. Those sweet moments you treasure, the good qualities you see in her or him when growing up and now that they have tied the knot. 

Leave the past behind.

If there’s one thing to avoid during the wedding toast, it’s to bring up any problems that the couple has had in the past. Mentioning any of the issues they have will make the celebration ruin and worst, the bride and the groom will feel awkward. 

Comic relief

Just a friendly reminder, if you are going to state a funny story it should not be at the expense of the newlyweds. You can share a comic relief about those early years of them when they started dating, when one of them took hours just to choose which is the perfect attire to look stunning, or perhaps during the pre-wedding party, the groom is a little bit shy to participate in those daring games, and keep on shouting her groom’s name. It should be light-hearted and universal humor, just to keep the entire guests actively listening to your celebratory speech for the groom and bride. 

Don’t forget to smile and face the couple

Turn your wedding toast into a great one by ensuring that your face reflects the love you feel for the newlyweds as you recite your toast. Always look at your subject which is the bride and the groom. 

Turning point 

Mention the moment when the couple has finally felt that they have fallen for each other, and how beautiful of a story it is. .This will leave everyone in the room in awe, of how these two people were able to finally embark on a journey together. 

Say Congratulations 

You won’t believe that most of the people who are bound to give their wedding toast unintentionally forget to congratulate the newlyweds. This is the perfect time to congratulate them after all the hurdles and shortcomings they have encountered, finally, they can get married and prepare for the bright future that awaits both of them in this journey. 


Keep it short, simple, and wrap it up nicely. As the one who’s giving the wedding toast, make it a point to have an exemplar closing remark. Ask everyone in the reception to join you in giving honor to the couple by toasting for them. 

Final Thoughts

Be confident during the wedding toast, this is your only chance to honor the couple during their big day. After preparing your wedding toast, count all the “I” in your speech, if you have more of it than the couple, you need to revise it and make the wedding toast focus on the newlyweds.

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