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7 Essential Items To Pack For Your Honeymoon

A Wedding’s couples preparation can be exhausting, and it can be quite hard to remember the essentials with all the things you have on your mind. During the post-wedding getaway or honeymoon, it’s also quite common that you overpack or forget something important.

This article will discuss 7 essential items to pack for your honeymoon to help you avoid this scenario. 

1.     Passport Holder

It’s highly recommended to have a dedicated and durable passport holder rather than just placing your passport and other important documents in your luggage when traveling.

 Using a dedicated passport holder will help you travel conveniently and prevent damage to the passport. In some extreme cases, damage to the passport can prevent you from traveling. 

Plus, sometimes, a luggage bag can be misplaced at the airport, or a handbag can be stolen when you’re roaming around in nearby attractions.

2.     Emergency pouch

Health is unpredictable, and you will never know when your migraine will start bugging you, which might cause some delay to your planned activities on your honeymoon. 

While packing for your honeymoon, it would be best to include hand sanitizer, anti-itch ointment or anti-bacterial cream, antihistamine, pain relievers, and any allergy tablets you need.

3.     Eye Mask

We know how busy you were planning and preparing the wedding, and a one-day rest isn’t a lot of time to recover. This time around, all you have to do is get off of your phone and enjoy your much-awaited trip as a newly-wed couple. 

Traveling either locally or abroad via a plane, you will need an eye mask to have a quick beauty rest and get ready for a much-awaited honeymoon trip! 

Bringing an eye mask with you will help you get some sleep faster without noticing everything surrounding you.

 As you can imagine, this is priceless after being exhausted with all the travel involved. 


4.     Wine Tumblers

An adventure ride would not be complete without wine tumblers. Wine tumblers are definitely one of the essential items you must include for your honeymoon. 

It can keep your cold drink chilled for around 9 hours, which makes it perfect as your thirst-quencher! You can also use wine tumblers for a late-night bonding talk with hubby, as these tumblers can keep your coffee warm for an impressive 3 hours. 

Plus, wine tumblers can also save up some space on your luggage, as you no longer have to worry about bringing a separate mug and wine glass.

5.     Comfy Daily Clothes

There are tons of stylish and yet comfortable daily clothes you can bring with you, such as leggings, hoodies, and plain tees.

Even if you’re staying at the hotel, and you’re bound to roam around the places of attractions, wearing comfy daily clothes will help you travel at ease. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re not wearing high heels or the latest footwear; what matters most is you enjoy your honeymoon and making good memories with your spouse.

6.     Power bank

We know for a fact that people nowadays heavily depend on smartphones. Regardless if you’re staying in the hotel room, enjoying a date night on a hot tub, or mountain hiking, you definitely love to capture a picturesque view and seize the moment. 

In any case, the power bank is one of the essential items you need to include in your packing list for the honeymoon, as it lets you charge your phones while you’re on the go.

On a serious note, a power bank could be a lifesaver. For example, it can prevent you from getting lost in a place you’re not familiar with, as you can search the map.

 Or, if you need to translate foreign languages, you can also quickly use Google translate. 

7.     Travel candle in tin cans

For an ultimate romantic getaway with your spouse, including a scented travel candle in your packing list will spice up a bonding night. It creates a romantic setting best for a newly-wed couple just like you! 

The soothing effect of scented candles triggers serotonin and dopamine to help keep your mood lifted. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed this article on the 7 essential items to pack for your honeymoon. 

And, remember t’s better to pack these essential items to get the best out of your trip, rather than purchasing these while you’re on the go and delay your planned activities. 

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