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8 Cheap Wedding Venues That Don't Sacrifice Experience

Getting married is a truly special experience. And that should be the case, no matter where you get married, or the cost of the venue. If you have been worried that you're not going to be able to find a venue that is affordable, but still offers a great experience, this article is for you. We're going to be covering 8 wedding venues to help you find the perfect one for you.

Top 8 Cheap Wedding Venues

Below are our top 8 cheap wedding venues that don't sacrifice experience. Keep in mind, the definition of "cheap" is subjective. That's why we've covered venues in a range of prices ranging from as little as $100 in fees to a couple of thousands.

Let's get started!

1. Theaters

Theaters are a beautiful place to get married thanks to the architecture, and lighting which fit perfectly for a wedding. If you can get a movie or some type of performer for the wedding, even better, although not essential thanks to the nature of a theater.

Prices range from $500 to $3000, depending on what's included.

If you're just looking for a ceremony, you can expect to pay around $500-$800 which is quite affordable.

2. Boat

Boats are also not a bad idea when it comes to a cheap wedding venue. Plus, they also offer an incredible experience. The prices range from $300 to $5,000 per day depending on the size of the boat.

If you're only looking to invite your close circle to the wedding and wanted to have a fun time, then a boat could be perfect. That being said, if you are looking to invite lots of people, the prices of hiring a large boat can get on the higher side.

Of course, the cost per person is probably smaller, but if the costs are not split, it would be pretty expensive.

3. Parks or Beaches

Before you can use parks or beaches as wedding venues, you'll need some type of event permit for legal purposes. In some cases, these may be free, however, usually, they will cost a couple of hundred dollars.

The prices depend on how large the size of the venue is, guests, and a few other factors. So you'll want to research the venue that you're thinking of, but it could be the perfect low-cost wedding venue for you.

4. AirBnB or Hotels

People often only think of AirBnB's or Hotels for when they are staying somewhere away from home. However, they can also often make great wedding venues, as they are private and often spacious. The types of properties on Airbnb and similar hotel sites include everything from beach houses to large halls, so there are lots of options.

You can also sometimes find great deals with local hotels. So make sure to check those out too! 

5. Courthouse

One of the most affordable, yet stunning places to host a ceremony is the courthouse in most cities. Why?

Well, the architecture is stunning and suits the theme of the wedding. And the cost? Less than $100 in most cities, in some places it's even free. However, sometimes they limit the attendance to around 10 guests, so you'll want to make sure to be aware of this.

6. Bars, Cafe's or Restaurant

Another interesting option that you may want to consider is renting a bar, cafe, or restaurant. This one also always depends on the size of the venue, the number of guests, etc. - However, it can work out to be incredibly affordable, and in some cases no more than a couple of hundred dollars for an entire venue.

7. Schools

When it comes to looking for cheap wedding venues, schools and universities are often hidden gems. They rent out parts like their sports field, theaters, and other places for really low prices like $100-$200. Plus, they are nice and spacious which could be useful if you're looking to invite a lot of guests.

8. At Home

Last but not least you can also consider your own home. Why not? You can fully decorate it the way you like, and it would provide you with a comfortable wedding experience. And, of course, there would not be any fees (duh).

How many people you can invite depends on the size of your home, and its general capacity. But you can consider moving furniture to create additional space, and use your garden, as well as inside rooms. If you do this, you should be able to fit in a decent number of guests.

Final Thoughts

That's it! We hope you have enjoyed our list of cheap wedding venues and have found some ideas that are suited for your big day. If you would like to read more on weddings, make sure to check out some of our related posts below.

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