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6 Creative Ways To Surprise a Wedding Couple

One of the most commonly asked questions is, “how do we surprise a wedding (insert brother, sister, friend, etc.) couple.” We all want to see our loved ones smile, and what better way than to surprise them. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to surprise a wedding couple, and none of them require breaking the bank!

Compile a Montage Video

Now, this might require some technical skill and probably hiring a private detective, but putting together a montage type video of how they got together can be both fun and surprising. You can add video and pictures from the couple’s life as singles and dating to the final wedding day.

Hire The Favorite Celebrity To Send Them a Message

Now, this might sound outlandish, but we assure you it is within the realm of possibility. Thanks to the power of social media, people can reach out to big names in the industry to perform at weddings. You could try to find a musician, but not everyone is a music lover and not every celebrity, more importantly, will play at the wedding. Though you could try reaching out to the couple’s choice of celebrities who aren’t necessarily musicians like artists, footballers, or maybe a television personality, and request they leave a short message.

Book a Fancy Car for the Wedding Reception

Now everyone has a favorite luxury car that they can’t afford to drive. For some, it may be a Rolls Royce; for others, it could be a Porsche 911. If you know the couple well enough, you’d know what car they like, and that’s what you can hire for their wedding reception. Not only will it surprise them (the couple) but it will also make the wedding so much more memorable.

A Flash Mob Dance Routine

Dances have been popular in weddings across the world since the time people started getting married. Though with a flash mob, it is more of a surprise because they aren’t expecting it to happen. You can team up with a group of friends or family members to start dancing. However, you’ll want to get a few rehearsals in before dancing at the wedding.

Now, if you aren’t much of a dancer, then maybe hiring singing waiters is just as good. If anything, they will surprise the wedding couple for sure and be a source of entertainment for the guests.


Write A Wedding Newspaper

Now, this may sound a little quirky but trust us, it will surprise the wedding couple. You can print a wedding newspaper, which is dated for the wedding day, and give it to the couple right on the morning of their wedding. You can also probably print enough to give it to the crowd. What should go in the paper? Well, you can have short stories, pictures, a few quotes from friends, etc. You could also interview the couple and publish that too. The goal, though, should be to use a lighthearted and fun tone.

Setup a ‘One Month On’ Dinner

You can consider this more of a reminder of the big day and not necessarily a surprise. It is a reminder of their special day, perhaps after everything else has settled down, maybe a month or so after the wedding. You can either get a restaurant to deliver food with some candles and a bottle of the finest champagne you can afford. It is a great way to offer the couple a bit of luxury after the wedding. You can choose to do this even after a year; honestly, what matters is that they are reminded of their big day.



Getting married is probably the happiest day in the lives of many couples. As friends and family members that love them, we want to make sure that they spend a great life together. That’s why these small and often notable surprises play such a major part in a couple’s lives than most people may realize. 

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