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5 Unique Engagement Gifts For Your Newly Engaged Friend

Finding the right engagement gifts can be hectic. Look around, and it would seem everyone attending the party is giving the couple the same items. But you don't want to be part of the bandwagon, or do you?

You want your gift to your friend to stand out and cement your place as the "thoughtful friend." If that's the case, we have just the unique ideas for you.

Check out these creative engagement gifts that will make you stand out!

Luggage Tags & Passport Holder

The chances are that your friend plans to travel for a honeymoon. Who knows, you might even have had a hand in picking the location. Isn't it the best to present a gift now for engagement in anticipation of the beautiful day?

Think about it! Presenting luggage tags and passport holders to your friend shows that you are thoughtful. Also, it shows your foresightedness and your good wishes for the coming wedding.

The most beautiful part: even after the honeymoon, the passport holder remains. That means anytime your friend plans to travel, s/he will remember you.

Wine Tumbler

Your friend will always celebrate good moments with his/her other half. And what better way to celebrate than with a chilled, classic wine?

So, gift a wine tumbler. Even better, make a customized one with a Mr and Mrs engraving. We bet you that no one else had thought that up.

More importantly, a wine tumbler is another gift to show that you are a thoughtful person. With one, your presence and importance stay with the couple long after their engagement and wedding.

Imagine the name day for the couple's kid; they will use your tumbler. For their anniversaries, they will still use your gift. How cool is that?


Perhaps you want something more subtle than passport holders and wine tumblers. Then try an apron.

Try a customized Mr & Mrs apron as an engagement gift and watch how your friend cherishes you. Like the two previous items we had listed, this gift also extends beyond conjugal bliss.

Mind you apron is never too much. More so, your couple friends will often cook, and they need as many as they can get. Perhaps that would be an aid for their anniversary meal.

Cheese Board

Like aprons, cheese boards are creative and unique gifts, especially when you customize a Mr & Mrs kind for your friend. This item will likely be indispensable on special occasions.

And that even works best for you. The more your friend uses your cheeseboard on special occasions, the more s/he holds you dearly.

Outside special occasions, the new couple could be out casually eating cheese on your gift. Indeed, the board seems casual, but memories and happy moments often stick to things that we largely overlook.

So, if you want a simple and lasting gift, a cheese board will fulfill that aim.

Coffee Mug Set

So far, we have listed items for fun and relaxation. But your couple friends must work to get money for those trips and anniversaries. And beautifully, you can still feature and boost their productivity with your gift.

Try a coffee mug set with a Mr and Mrs label. The couple will share it between themselves, and anytime they use it to start their day, they will remember you.

That brings us to the end of our list of unique engagement gifts. To make your presentation even more outstanding, we suggest you do equally creative packaging for your items. Examples of such include:

  • Saree packaging,
  • Jewelry bag,
  • Small paper basket, and
  • Paper boxes.

Use any of the three packaging ideas, and you will see that your gifts will stand out even more. Or perhaps you need more inspiration.

Shop Deluxy can help! We have a range of gifts for newlywed and intending couples. Check out our collections and find your pick.

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