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Father of the Bride Speech Examples and Ideas

There’s no prouder moment for a father than seeing her daughter walk down the aisle, and it is a moment that many fathers spend their entire lives waiting for. 

With that said, it can also be enormously stressful because fathers have to decide on speech examples and ideas. 

A father’s biggest nightmare is making a mess of his speech. But don’t worry, in this article we are going to help you because we have some excellent ideas for you. 

These examples will alleviate your stresses and make sure you deliver a speech to remember!

The speech structure 

A general father’s speech lasts between five to seven minutes. Of course, you can make it longer, but that’s a great speech length. If you despise public speaking – and many people do – you could cut it down to 2 to 4 minutes, but you’ll have to deliver a concise speech. 

However, if you have the correct structure, you can deliver an exquisite speech in just a few minutes. Here is a good structure:

Introduce yourself 

If you’re the father of the bride, there’s an excellent chance that everyone knows you. Nonetheless, you should always start the speech by introducing yourself. It will set the perfect tone and may even break the ice. 

If you’re feeling confident, you could even crack a joke and get everyone laughing. Although, not everyone is confident in their own ability to tell jokes, which is fine! 

People will understand that the speech is nerve-wracking, and most people will be drinking and in jolly spirits anyway. 

Welcome your guests 

Now it is an excellent time to introduce your guests. Thank everyone for being here and perhaps make a cheeky joke to keep everyone in good spirits.

A short joke is, “Thank you to everyone who came today; there’s so many of you… it wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t come, but it would be cheaper!”

Then you should make a toast to any absent friends and family. The toast often goes to the best man or the groom, depending on your desired choice. The introduction doesn’t need to be complex, keep it short and straightforward, and that will be enough. 

Heaps tonnes of praise on your daughter 

The most critical aspect of the speech is the amount of praise that you give to your daughter. This part is what most people come to see, and it's the part that almost everyone remembers. 

That’s why you’ll want to give a strong delivery on this point. Moreover, try to use an anecdote to create something memorable. That could be a simple joke or something silly, but either way, this is your time to deliver the lines that everyone remembers.

You can tell her how proud you are and even tell a short story about her life. Choose whatever you feel will deliver the most emotion and emphasis. 

Welcome your new son in law 

Your son-in-law is likely to be nervous and apprehensive, and now is a great time to welcome him to the family. 

A straightforward example is: “This is the time where I’m supposed to introduce my (son in laws name) to the family, but in truth, you’ve always been a part of the family since we met you!”

That is a wonderful yet straightforward gesture that will bring your son-in-law into the family. If you want, you can add more, but that’s entirely up to you!

Raise a glass/toast 

The toast is a critical part of the speech and the one that leaves the memories. 

You should think of the perfect toast for your wedding guests, and this is entirely your choice depending on your values. 

Furthermore, make sure to get everyone to stand up and get involved with the toast. The movement will add more emphasis to the toast. 

Final thoughts 

The speech is always an integral part of the wedding, and we understand why you might be nervous. 

Nevertheless, if you follow the simple steps above, you’ll deliver a tremendous speech that’ll live long into the memories. 

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