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How To Find Wedding Inspiration

So you are ready to start planning your dream wedding? 

That’s amazing, but now it's time to find your inspiration. There are many ways to find inspiration, and social media is the best way to find some.

Pinterest is an excellent place to start, but you’re going to need more than a few DIY vases and delicious food. 

If you need some creative inspiration, keep reading because this article will help you find some!


Pinterest is the ultimate wedding website and the first place many people go to find wedding inspiration. You just need to search for wedding-related pins on the website, and you will find endless inspiration. Whether it is food inspiration, clothing inspiration, or even design inspiration, you’ll find it all on Pinterest. 

Pinterest is a massive social media platform. There are over 376 million active users, and 72 percent of Pinterest users are women. 

Furthermore, 98% of Pinterest users say they’ve tried something new after finding it on Pinterest. So, if you’re looking for creative, vibrant, or even eccentric things for your dream wedding, hop on Pinterest and get searching. 


Instagram is another superb way to find wedding inspiration. There are various beautiful ways to find inspiration, such as searching for wedding hashtags. From here, you’ll find multiple wedding images from Instagram users sharing photos for their own wedding or family and friend’s weddings. 

Moreover, Instagram has various wedding-related pages, where you can find wedding organizers, photographers, and influencers. 

Furthermore, the app is home to 1 billion monthly users; it is the second most engaged social media platform, and businesses love the app because it is a great way to market their products. So, if you’re looking for design, fashion, and food inspiration for your dream wedding, you’ll definitely find it on Instagram. 


Your favorite restaurants 

One of the critical aspects of having a successful wedding is having excellent food for your guests. But many wedding planners struggle to choose the perfect food for their guests. It can be easy to overthink!

A great option is to head to your favorite restaurant. What do they have to offer? What is your favorite food? Or even better, could they plan food for your wedding reception? Many restaurants will offer this service. 

Alternatively, you could steal a page from the menu and hire a reputable company to cook it for you. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll never struggle to find food inspiration at great restaurants. Why not visit a few and get a wide variety of cuisine?

The farmers market 

The farmers market is an excellent place to get wedding inspiration because these markets are full of creativity, wedding gifts, and food options. Moreover, farmer’s markets often have fabulous flower stalls with exuberant flower displays. 

We all know how important flowers are when you’re planning a wedding, and you’ll never struggle to find beautiful floristry at a farmer’s market. Furthermore, you can ask the florists for personal wedding advice on the best flowers to get for your wedding. 

Plus, farmer’s markets often have excellent stalls with arts and crafts ideal for a wedding reception. Make sure you visit multiple farmer’s markets because you’ll find gems here and there. 

Your local bar 

So you’re struggling to think of the ideal music for your wedding? Many people do, and weddings attract vast crowds of people from various backgrounds. If you’re struggling, why not head to a local bar and see what the DJ is playing?


Many bars don’t even hire DJs in 2021. Instead, they use Spotify playlists, save money, and let the night dance away. You could always ask the bar what their Spotify playlist is!

Alternatively, if the bar has a Dj, and you like the music and the energy they create, you could ask the DK for some wedding tips. Or better still, hire the DJ to play at your wedding reception. 

Final thoughts 

In 2021, there are endless possibilities for finding wedding inspiration. In previous decades, you would have to buy a wedding magazine to find inspiration. In today’s world, we only need to hop on Google and head to Pinterest or Instagram to get some awesome ideas.

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