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Top 7 Most Exciting Wedding Themes

The right wedding theme can set the tone for your big day, and it will dictate just about every aesthetic decision you make. 

That said, committing to a wedding theme can be a daunting task because nobody wants to get it wrong. 

However, you will have to decide whether you want to take the romantic route or maybe a more modern theme. 

Today, with so many different variations and styles, any wedding couple’s choice is understandably challenging. But it does not need to be that way.

One way to decide on a wedding theme is to think about what elements of the wedding stick out to you or appeal to you.

 Maybe it is specific colors or designs that may resonate with you on a much deeper level. Sometimes a place may hold sentimental value for you as a couple. Once you have the basics finalized, then allow your imagination to run wild to define the theme.

Once a theme has been pinpointed, you can move forward with the rest of your wedding plans. However, if you still happen to be on the fence about where to go, we have a list of seven wedding themes that should be suited to any style and venue.

If anything, we offer this as a helpful guide that should help you cross over this major decision and then lay the foundation for the ultimate vision.

Below we will toss a few exciting wedding theme ideas in your direction. However, you are free to modify what each of them has to offer based on your taste.

At the end of the day, your taste is the most important. 

And keep in mind these are in no particular order! 

The Romantic Garden Theme

Any couple who enjoys the great outdoors should consider having their wedding outside what we call a romantic garden theme.

You can decorate the garden or a lawn with colorful wildflowers, romantic seating arrangements, and other little tidbits. 

The bride can wear a theme-fitting dress embellished with lacy flowers, with the groom choosing to wear a calla lily boutonniere. That said, what you decide to wear is totally up to you so as long as it fits the theme.


The Vintage Travel Theme

Yes! The smell of antique suitcases and those large globes are a great décor choice for what can be your vintage travel wedding theme. 

You can have these be the centerpieces and set as the décor on the guestbook table. We've even seen vintage suitcase cakes, with seating charts named after major cities you might have traveled or aspire to travel to as a couple.

Tropical Trips

You can take guests on a tropical vacation without having to pay for their airfare; how? Well, by decorating your wedding with all the tropical flowers available, palm trees, and flamingos. Furthermore, you can solidify the theme with bright colors as part of the décor and the wedding cake. You may also want to give out personalized sunglasses.

Willkommen to Oktoberfest

You can transport your guests directly to Oktoberfest by making sure that they have hearty servings of heart-shaped lebkuchen cookies, Bavarian pretzels, and German beer. 

You may also want to solidify the Oktoberfest theme with colors like blue, yellow, and white.

Mardi Gras

Now another excellent exciting festive wedding reception theme is Mari Gras. It is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to amp things up a bit.

You can have bold masks, beaded necklaces as part of the décor. Colors can be green, purple, and gold color. The guests can take the elegant masks home as a party favor.

Whimsical Animals

Want to take a trip on the wild side, then a whimsical animal theme is probably the best choice. The animal figurine in the décor and the adorable masks for your guest should round off what is otherwise a pretty easy theme to pull off.

Ski Lodge

The Ski Lodge theme can be pulled off with a few rustic details, which will make your wedding feel like it's taking place in the Alps.

You can have illustrations of skis on the wedding stationery and decorate the wedding venue's walls with a couple of antique skis. It is the perfect winter wedding idea if you love hitting the slopes!

Final Thoughts

We hope this list of exciting wedding themes has sparked some ideas for your big day. If you did enjoy this article, make sure to check out some of our recent articles below. 

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