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8 Questions to Ask During the Ocular Visit at The Wedding Venue

You have researched well enough the best wedding venues you can find based on your preferences, and definitely, the ocular visit should be next on your list! It’s important to actually see and experience first-hand each venue’s ambianc right before you settle the reservation fee.

While most of couples tend to get excited as they have seen the venue, there are still a couple of questions you need to ask during the ocular visit to the wedding venue you have chosen.

We have prepared a list of questions you can use to help you focus further on the wedding planning process, aside from checking multiple wedding venues for your big day.

What do the previous clients say about this wedding venue?

We know you’re busy organizing tasks for the wedding preparation, but it’s an integral part of checking what others say about the wedding venue. Basically, if you search specific wedding venue online, you will find tons of reviews.

You will be surprised by the mixed reviews you will find on Facebook, Instagram, and their website. If you notice a problem or two that can be easily explained by one of their staff, or somehow amenable that maybe a cause of miscommunication.

Is there an alternative area if it rains?

Weather is unpredictable, and you cannot determine if tomorrow will be a sunny day. This question is essential to include in your questionnaire, if you’re considering having an outdoor wedding. 


It would help if you chose an established wedding venue that can offer you a backup plan or with a pretty indoor space when it rains.

How many people does the venue can accommodate?

This will answer your question quickly if your chosen venue is ideal to your wedding. Before you set your heart on the wedding venue, it should have the capacity to accommodate your guest list.

If not, proceed to the wedding venue on your list.

Do they have alcohol restrictions?

Drinking tradition has been part of the wedding culture all around the world. You can ask the wedding venue management team during the ocular visit if they have bar options you can add during and after the wedding reception.

For your perusal and lucky enough to find a wedding gem that offers bar options, here are the three different types of bar choices:


  • Cash Bar – This only means that your guests should pay for their drinks.

  • California Bar – One of the generous bar options you can provide for your friends and family during the wedding reception. Whereas you will cover the total cost of beer and wine.

  • Full Bar – If you have enough budget to let the guests have fun and spend the day as a married couple, then a full bar is the best option you should choose.  The full bar means you will cover all the costs of drinks with all the available liquor options.


Is it accessible?

You absolutely want all the guests to be there on your big day, right? The wedding venue should have close proximity to transportation modes.

How many hours does the rental cover?

Let’s say the wedding ceremony is within 30 minutes or 1 hour, and reception may last up to 4 hours. You definitely want to know how many hours you can use the wedding venue.

You can then determine if the wedding planner can implement reception program within the rental hours.

Do they have a resident music band?

If you want to have a music band or DJ for the wedding reception, ask the wedding venue host if it’s possible for them to book a band for you. Or else, you can bring in your favorite music band or a group of talented friends.


What’s the deposit or refund policy?

Wedding venues will require a security deposit to save the reserve slot for you, and it’s highly recommended to know about the venue’s deposit and refund policy.

During these past few months, mass gathering is restricted, and there are only a selected number of guests allowed in wedding venues. Knowing the venue’s deposit and refund policy will put your mind at ease.

Some places will refund most of the amount you have settled with them, while the others opted to refund only the half amount.

Final thoughts

To ensure you don’t miss out on any questions during the ocular visit to the wedding venue, feel free to use these questions.


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