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Even The Perfect Wedding Can Be On A Budget

The day you've always dreamed of is near. And as always, you want it to be the rave of the town. What if we told you it's possible to have your dream wedding and do so on a budget?

That would be exciting, right?

Check out 7ways to get your dream wedding without breaking the bank!

Be Realistic

The first step to a perfect but minimalist wedding is knowing your budget. How much can you spend without going bankrupt? Do you need all those pins you saved on Pinterest?

Shop Deluxy are here to tell you the perfect wedding is one you have smiling on the D-day and days after that. So, be realistic with yourself. Forget about the social media mirage and focus on getting the best of your resources.

Hire A Planner

Once your budget is ready, the next step is hiring an expert to help you get the best out of it. Understandably, you might think hiring anyone at this point isn't budget-friendly. But it is!

The best bet at a simple yet classy wedding is with an expert planner. The chances are that he has done so with many couples before you. So he understands every detail: the rigors on D-day and how to ensure the plans go as scheduled.

However, even after hiring a wedding planner, you should also have a basic idea of the arrangement. Here is a resource material to help: Wedding Planning Simplified.

Be Critical Of The Venue Of Your Wedding

It's time to get the wedding planner to start, and the first job he must do is to find the ideal venue for your wedding. 

Our advice: Find a venue that encompasses nature and purpose.

About nature, holding weddings in natural environments requires fewer maneuvers to reach beautiful scenery. You have the landscape already. Only minor tweaks will suffice - in other words, less spending.

About purpose, it's best to choose a venue that can stand in for your reception and wedding. Also, you want the place to offer additional services such as accommodations, rentals, and more.

Be Creative With Your Bridal Party

We understand how traditional weddings go in color matching attires. But we dare you to be different and trendy.

Give your bridal party the freedom to add a bright touch to your big day. About that, work with your wedding planner to send out the color palettes to your ladies and gents. That way, the group can work in uniformity.

Forget About The Usual Timeline

Weddings don't have to be a long-hour event. Think about it, the reason the "conventional" take that much time is because of the fluffs. So, engage your wedding planner once more to trim those down.

Choreograph your event before the time and serve the guest only the vital details. By doing so, you will save time. More importantly, you will save money.

Trim Your Guest List

The rave of the town doesn't have to be a mix of unknown faces. It's your wedding - an important day of your life. Why not celebrate with guests that are really close to you?

By that, we don't mean you should only invite 10people. No, that's off!

On the other hand, you could trim your guest list by 10-15%. That way, you will conveniently accommodate the VIPs in your life. Still, there will be space to contain a few other people that matter.

Stay Positive

Anxieties can be unavoidable on days as important as weddings. However, we will advise you to keep your cool. Beforehand, register for yoga classes to get hold of yourself to deal with any shortcomings.

In the end, positivity and preparedness is the best way to get your dream wedding regardless of your budget. Happy planning!

Oh wait! Have you planned for the gifts? No?

We can help at Shop Deluxy, contact us and let's discuss your needs.

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