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How To Write The Sweetest Thank You Card To Your Bridesmaids

At last, your wedding is over. It was as magical and memorable as you'd always hoped. The event was undoubtedly the talk of the town at the time. And most of the preparation, of course, is thanks to your bridesmaids.

So, how would you thank these angels? How can you write the sweetest thank you card to your bridesmaids?

This post contains the hack. Even better, we added sample thank-you card formats that you can use.

Have a look!

Writing Thank You Cards To Your Bridesmaids Made Easy With 8 Crucial Tips

Be Genuinely Grateful

Your wedding was as eventful as the planning invested in it. And as a bride, your bridesmaids were at the forefront of such plans. Through your engagement to the eventual "I do," your friends were supportive physically and financially.

The least you can do is be genuinely grateful. So, express your appreciation most truthfully and with clear words.

Handwritten Cards Are Personal

Indeed, you could buy custom thank you cards. But we will advise you to write one. Why?

Generic cards don't understand how much work your bridesmaids did in preparation for your wedding. The makers don't know the memories you share with your friends. Only you do!

So, handwrite your thank you card to your bridesmaids. When you do, you can mention personal highlights that made you all laugh and cry.

Pro tip: a personal handwritten thank you card is the first approach to genuine appreciation.

Personalize Each Card To Its Receiver

You want to send a general thank you card to all your bridesmaids. You'd only change the names and send it out in bulk. Don't you?

Understandably, that method saves time. But don't use the easy, general route!

Instead, walk the mile by crafting a unique thank you card for each of your bridesmaids. Else, the message won't come as genuine and sweet as you wanted.

Ditch The Formalities

We understand that formal thank you cards are classy and reserved. But you won't be needing such style for your bridesmaids.

Ditch the formalities and embrace quirky and fun phrases that your bridesmaids understand. The chances are that it will make them laugh as much as you.

In all, keep the message simple. Don't go overboard if you can't make fun comments. Just be yourself; be what your friends know about you and let your card reflect it as much as possible.

Add Visuals To Your Words

Have you heard that a picture is worth a thousand words? If yes, know that the case also applies to your thank you card.

Instead of writing a long story, why not add pictures to your thank you cards? Have you ever imagined how cool that would be?

Besides "cool," pictured thank you cards are proof that you've gone a mile to appreciate the efforts of your bridesmaids. While you are at it, remember to personalize the image to the receiver.

Let Them Know You'll Return The Favour!

If you have been following our tips so far, you will find that the appreciation is not complete. How so?

Your unmarried friends will soon be tying the knot. If you might not join the train, you should, at least, be available to assist with other support.

Regardless of your plan to assist your bridesmaids' big day, always document it on their thank-you cards. Let your friends know that they can rely on you as you did them.

So, start with your thank you cards!

No One Likes Late Delivery

Even with the best crafter thank you card, timing is crucial. Understandably, you might need time to brainstorm ideas and collect pictures. But don't stay too long before sending the card.

Perhaps you ask, what is the right time frame for sending a thank you card to your bridesmaids?

There are no rules, but 3 months seem the longest and most understandable stretch. In that timeframe, you would have collected all the details you need for your thank you card.

Or don't you love the idea of handwritten cards?

If yes, check this last tip:

Thank-you Gifts Are Equally Good

We understand that thank-you cards can be demanding to write. The chances are that you've never been a master of words.

In that case, how about gifts?

Gifts don't require you to write anything. Now, you worry about personalization. Don't be!

Gifts come in various categories, and there's one that will match all of your bridesmaids' personalities. You can check our catalog to start.

That said, if you want to give thank you cards another go. Here are sample formats to guide you:

Sample Formats Of Thank You Cards To Bridesmaids


Hey [name of bridesmaid], 

Thanks for being my sweet rock and your part in making my wedding day a hit! Indeed, I'm married now, but I'm very open to hanging out like we used to. You're VIP to me, and I would love it to stay like that.

Love ya loads,

[Your name]


Dear [name of bridesmaid], 

My wedding wouldn't have been everything it was without you. You sacrificed a lot, and I'm so lucky to have you as my bridesmaid and my best friend. Thanks for being in my life; I don't take you for granted.

Lots of love,

[Your name]


To my turtledove,

I remember how you held my flower and even accompanied me to the bathroom. Babe, you're a real one, and I appreciate you.

My wedding train wouldn't be complete without you. You brought the fun and spiced up the whole event. And yea, I'm coming for the dancing lessons soon.


[Your name]


Dear [name of bridesmaid], 

Many thanks for making my wedding a spectacular event. With your help, the event was as magical and memorable as we talked about while growing up.

We have come a long way, from pre-teen to even college, and working at the same office. Through it all, you have been supportive and loyal. I appreciate and love you!

Lots of love,

[Your name]

Note: the thank you cards we wrote above are only to lead you. Don't copy and send those to your bridesmaids. Instead, craft a more personal letter that reflects you and their bridesmaid.

And remember that you can always check our store of gifts if you prefer sending gifts. You can equally send gifts and thank you cards.


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