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6 Ways To Avoid Wedding Burnout - Are You Even Stressed Out Yet?

Wedding planning can be pretty tasking. And yes, it can be equally exciting: yourself and your spouse prepping the way to the altar of roses and vows - amidst friends and families in all smiles.

Hurrah! The best day of your life approaches!

In that excitement and preparation, it is possible to wear yourself out and get swamped with anxiety. Unfortunately, when that happens, you might reach the dreaded "wedding burnout." At that point, you would lose out on all the fun of your big day when it eventually arrives.

We bet you would prefer to soak in all the memories and fill your heart with joy than  feeling worn out. Yes?

Then, we have written this post just for you. And rest assured that the tips here work; they are hacks we have shared with many of our wedding gift customers. The best part: we have received glowing reviews of how our tips helped them alleviate burnout.

So, we can help you too. Check our guide below on ways to avoid wedding burnout.

But first, how would you know you have even reached wedding burnout? Are there any telltale signs to warn you?

3 Signs That You Are Nearing A Wedding Burnout

You Have Become Best Friends With Procrastination

Indeed, everyone procrastinates at some point. But do you find yourself doing it often, especially on vital tasks regarding your wedding?

For example, say you love planning parties. And now it's your wedding reception, but you couldn't just get it done. The whole event feels tedious, and you start postponing it.

If the illustration depicts your situation, then yes, you are stressed out. Think of the whole deal as your body signaling you of impending burnout.

Another form of procrastination is when you would rather second guess your decision than take action. In this case, you would start overthinking every little detail. You might even ridicule your plans so far. Unfortunately, it might lead to frustration.

In any case, once you start procrastination, ensure you get adequate rest. And to ensure you enjoy enough rest, hire a wedding planner to take over from where you stopped.

Want to know what's worse than procrastination? Check this out:

You Have Forgotten How To Have Fun

Did you find what usually tickles your handiness to be too much of a task lately? Even the simple cake sampling has become too much work and boring!

Perhaps the entire wedding planning no longer excites you. Does that sound familiar?

If yes, you need a well-deserved break. It might be high time you replayed the memories of your engagement. Relive that a while before continuing your wedding plans.

Beyond forgetting what fun looks like, how about your personal life? Can you no longer nap on weekends or watch your favorite show? Does it feel like wedding planning has taken your life from you?

If yes, retake your life. Plan your wedding, but remember to maintain and nurture the relationship you have always enjoyed with your spouse.

Like your spouse, create time for your passion too. Don't forget your music class or sports outings. Fix it all on a schedule and have fun!

You Covert Flawless Wedding Almost Annoyingly

Don't get us wrong; we are not saying you shouldn't prepare for a perfect reception or a romantic wedding. We are all for what you want.

At the same time, don't forget reality. Can you afford your wedding plans? Aren't you growing obsessive over Pinterest pins?

Once you start displaying annoying perfectionist behavior, you might want to pedal down. Else, you will turn into a nag and frustrate everyone around you - including your spouse.

The way out: always consider your budget to avoid undue stress in the future. More importantly, find affordable products that are equally high-quality. 

Now, you understand the signs of wedding burnout. What if you want to avoid it to start? Can you? If yes, how?

Avoiding Wedding Burnout In 6 Sequential Steps 

Hire A Wedding Planner

The first step to avoiding wedding burnout is to outsource the stress. How?

Hire an expert!

When you engage wedding planners, you will stay hands-off and enjoy your big day. All you will need to worry about is maintaining your good skin and perhaps the bills.

But if you can't afford the bills or would rather be actively facilitating your wedding than be a mere spectator, read this:

Wedding planning simplified

After updating your knowledge of wedding planning, appropriate the following steps:

Craft A Realistic Plan

Remember, we highlighted how budgeting is crucial to staying calm during wedding planning. Now, you can appropriate it from the start.

While we wouldn't advise against saving wedding pins on Pinterest, we implore you to have a plan. Schedule everything you will do from start to finish. And whatever you scheduled, let it be realistic.

More importantly, be systematic with your wedding planning. Do your tasks one before the other - it helps.

Still on realistic wedding plans, don't forget to remember yourself and your spouse. So, include your routine. And try as much as possible to maintain balance.

Starve Your Distractions

While planning, try as much as possible to limit hearsays. Conventionally, friends and families will bring a series of tested and untested pieces of advice. Be selective to pick the one that fits your plan.

And by yourself, starve your Pinterest distractions. Drawing inspiration from the pin social networking site is all good. But don't obsess over the details.

Take Good Care Of Yourself

Since you have decided to plan a DIY wedding, you would undoubtedly accumulate stress. With that knowledge, plan your self-care routine too.

For a start, schedule regular appointments with your spa to relieve the stress. Also, you can join communities of engaged couples to talk.

In all, create time to look after yourself. And while at it, connect with people and draw inspiration from the conversations.

Desist From Procrastination

Procrastination is like an old friend you can't just shed. It will come up at some time. Luckily, you can prepare ahead and nip the dangers at the bud. How?

  • Create a timeline for your wedding plans and arrange your to-dos in order of ease and time requirements.
  • Handle the most difficult parts of your timeline first and the easiest last.
  • Research all your decisions before you implement them.
  • And since you have a timeline, act on the research within the deadline.

Learn To Step Away For A Bit

Firstly, know that taking time off is not the same as procrastination. Secondly, you would ultimately need to step off your pedal a bit to view what you have achieved so far.

When you do, you can assess your goals and objectives. Are your wedding plans going as scheduled? What have you achieved? What more do you need to do?

Besides assessment, taking a back seat can also mean resting. So, take that well-deserved rest, see a movie, play basketball, or go skiing with your spouse.

Have fun! That's how you avoid wedding burnout the Shop Deluxy way!

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