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7 Fun Games To Make Your Bridal Party Entertaining

By now, you have probably decided on your bridal party venue and sent the invites.  But what about the games? Are you sure the activities on your list are perfect for your party? Would you like some help?

If yes, we have some entertaining bridal party game ideas for you. Check them out below!

The Cocktail Competition

If you are a fan of cocktails, you can try a fun competition around them for your bridal party. All that you will need are a few ingredients. Then, watch your friends compete and display their skills as makeshift mixologists.

The winner: Whoever recreates your favorite cocktail!

Cold Feet

A little warning: If you and your friends have frigophobia (fear of cold water), this game is not for you.

For the cold feet game, you will need ice, rings, and water. After getting them, pour the contents into a bowl or bucket. Naturally, the rings will sink to the bottom of the cold water. Now, let the contestants retrieve the piece with their toes.

The winner: Whoever retrieves the most rings within an allotted time!

The Cootie Catcher

This game is an ice-breaker and the best choice to start your bridal party. You will need a list of tasks – you can use Google for that. Once you have gathered enough tasks (say 20 to 50), print them into catchers and keep them in a bowl.

Now, pass the bowl arrange and let your friends pick the catcher at random. Once they do, they will read out the content and do what the catcher says.

No winner here; regardless, the cootie catcher can relax nerves and get your bridal party talking before other activities begin.

How Old Are You?

"How old are you?" is a fun and highly engaging guessing game – and it often ushers in laughter. That said, you might want to add it towards the end of the party when guests are already getting tired.

In this game, you will gather about 12 to 20 of your pictures at different ages. Afterward, project them on a screen where everyone can see them. Now, ask the contestants to pick a photo and guess the age.

Winner: Whoever guesses the most age right wins the game. In case no one got it right, pick the closest guess – and announce the correct answer.

The Recipe Contest

This game is for you if you're a "foodie." Get ready to delight your taste buds!

For the recipe contest, the contestants will come with their unique recipe - which you and your groom can cook together. Now, you will go around and select the recipe that best interests you. The owner of your choice is the winner.

Note: Inform your party guest ahead of the recipe contest, this will give them enough time to prepare.

Pro tip: When you start cooking the recipe from the game with your spouse, we recommend that you both use the custom Mr. & Mrs. Apron – it is cute!

Pass The Bouquet

Have you ever played musical chairs? You know, the music is on, then it stops, the person standing goes out? Pass the bouquet follows a similar pattern!

In this game, you will pass a bouquet around the contestants while music plays. When the music stops, the one holding bouquet goes out of the game.

The winner: The last person standing – hopefully, it’ll be you!

The Wedding Details

This game is just like “how old are you?” – They are both guessing games. The only difference is that the topics of the guesswork here are on your wedding activities. So, how do you play?

You will ask contestants details about your wedding. From reception ideas, bouquet style, to venue of the occasion. Then, whoever have the most answers wins.

Note: The wedding details can also enlighten you on new ideas for your wedding. However, for a more detailed plan, we will recommend that you read the wedding planning simplified!

Other notable games include:

  • Telephone Toast – It is a whisper game where your guests will whisper into each other's ears until it gets to the last person on the queue.
  • The flower Arranging game – This is a practical game that tests participants' abilities to recreate simple DIY flowers. You can sort your guests into groups to gather lots of engagement.
  • Gift bingo –  It is another guessing game. The participants will guess your wedding gifts as you’re about to open them. It helps to starve boredom!

And that’s the end of our game suggestions for a fun bridal party. Have fun with your girls!


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