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What Should You Include In Your Wedding Gift List

Your wedding day is drawing near, yet your gift list is blank. You wonder what should populate the empty notepad but couldn’t find inspiration. Hectic, eh?

Well, writing a wedding gift list is usually fun. However, if you couldn't find inspiration, you could direct your guests to wedding gift shops like Shop Deluxy. But won’t your guests won’t see a wedding gift list as presumptuous? Should you send one?

Against the myths you might have heard about gift lists, the idea is still in vogue. Beyond marriages, people send gift lists even for birthdays and anniversaries. So, it is not presumptuous to send one to your wedding guests.

Besides, your wedding guests would even appreciate a list. They are already wondering if you'd like their gifts. Now, imagine how thrilled they would be, knowing what to get for you and that you'd appreciate it!

Bottom line: Send a wedding gift list, and do it along with your invitations. Here are some ideas of what to include:

7 Things You Should Include In Your Wedding Gift List

Note: Your guests will most likely have varying budgets; remember that when you compile your gift list. Also, some of your guests would prefer to surprise you with items off the list – let them!

Honeymoon Fund

This idea might come off as a shock, but a wedding gift doesn't necessarily have to be an object. It could be a contribution towards an event. And the best event on a wedding day is the honeymoon!

We'll advise you to make the honeymoon fund number one on your gift list. That is because the idea is chilly and might get your guests awn-ing. So, set the mood from the start!

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Travel Gifts For Couples

The truth: some of your guests won’t contribute to your honeymoon fund. They might not know just how much contribution would be enough. Even at that, never quote a minimum amount on any funding idea. Instead, provide options for items that might suit such events. In the case of honeymoon, here are some ideas for you:

Home Items

Either moving into a new house or one that you already stay with your spouse, you will ultimately need a few home items after marriage. And the beauty here is that there are endless items that you can list. Nonetheless, here are examples for you:

  • Home fragrance
  • Ottoman
  • Vacuum cleaner

Kitchen Items

Love has found its way to your heart, but it can also extend to your stomach. You and your hubby can cook together in matching aprons. Beyond the outfit, the feeling of being together is what matters. Luckily, your wedding guests can contribute to such a romantic feeling with kitchen item gifts. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Small gadgets like blender, kettle, and toaster
  • Custom cheese board for couples, or
  • Cookware like saucepans


Wines are always great wedding gifts. The chances are even that your guests already have some ideas about sending some to you. Regardless, here is your opportunity to make a special request for vintage wine or your preferred brand. Here are few ideas you can try:

Furniture and Beddings

Furniture might be a bit pricey as gift items, depending on your guests. Regardless, you can always list low to medium-priced wares. Also, we will advise you to list simple ware that will attract little to no moving costs. That said, here are ideas to guide you:

  • Bookcases,
  • Minimalist shelves
  • Custom beddings and towels for couples


You might want a non-conventional gift; if that is you, try including a pet on your wedding gift list. The chances are that this option won’t even cost your guests a dime. They might even be looking for ways to discard their kittens and puppies.

The best part: Pets can be great companions that improve the union between you and your spouse. They are adorable creatures!

And that is the end of our list of exciting things you should include in your wedding gift list. Another option you could try is charity donation; that is also one of the trending ideas. All the best!

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