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Wedding Planning Made Easy: Top Tools & Websites You Can Use

Wedding planning is a daunting undertaking, even for professional wedding planners. There are just too many activities, and one can easily get lost.

For starters, what color combination should you pick? Yet, there is still the wedding theme; which one would be most fitting for your personality? And mind you, that’s not the end of the questions – they can go on forever!

So, it’s okay if you need help. And we’re about selecting wedding gifts, you can check Shop Deluxy. But if you need help with color combination or wedding inspiration, the tools in this article can help. Check them out below!

Pinterest – Wedding Inspiration 

Think about any fantasy you had about weddings while growing up, and we can tell you that a couple (or even several) has reproduced it. Even better, you can get pictures and videos of it all on Pinterest.

Just name it, be it wedding themes, floral arrangements, reception, bridesmaids' party, or DIY decorations, Pinterest has it all. And it's free – the only thing you've to do is pin your favorite items to your board, and you're good to go.

Pantone Studio – Color Scheme

After deciding on your wedding inspiration, circle down on the right color combination for it; you don't have to go through the stress of researching color palettes. Instead, you can use Pantone Studio.

With Pantone Studio, you only need to choose a color. Afterward, the app itself will suggest complementary combinations to use - and even the palette. And if you don't fancy visiting the website, you can download the app on both Android and iOS.

Alternatively, you can try It also suggests color combinations like Pantone Studio and has apps for Android and iOS. The only difference between the two color scheme apps is that Coolors let you pick two colors and check their complementary schemes.

Canva – DIY Wedding Designs

Having color themes for your wedding is one thing, but you'd still need other visual designs. That is where Canva comes in!

And fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert designer to use Canva. You only need to have an idea and edit templates to suit your needs. When you do, you can trim down expenses on the miscellaneous like invitation and thank you cards.

Note: While Canva is not entirely free, you can still find a great deal of free-to-use templates for your needs.

Wedbox – Wedding Planner

Beyond color schemes, you still have to plan your guest list and budget. And if you'd like to manage such topics almost hands-free, Wedbox can help. Already, it has over 300,000 users.

The massive following aside, what we love about Wedbox are the features. For starters, you can customize your entire checklist and stay ahead of your weddings at a go with the app. You can even include a countdown!

The best part: Wedbox has a collaborative tool that allows you to connect other users to your plans. That would come in handy for your hired wedding planner and spouse.

Alternatively, you can try Joy. The app/website is almost similar to Wedbox with its customization feature (especially the guest list management). Out of the lot, we find Joy’s photo-sharing to be quite innovative.

Blissful Brides - Wedding Budgeting

Blissful Bride’s wedding tools are more robust than Wedbox and Joy. They help with guest management and invitation, as well as the responses of the guests. Above all, the strength of these tools lies in tracking your wedding budgeting.

Particularly, Blissful Bride has a wedding budget calculator. With that, you can stay ahead of your wedding expenses and keep them within your budget.

Alternatively, you can try Knot's wedding app. It also tracks wedding budgeting. More importantly, it has a quiz to help you plan your wedding from the ground up. Plus, it has a countdown feature.

Note: If you prefer a somewhat offline guide to plan your dream day, check Wedding Planning Simplified!

Spotify – Wedding Songs

Still on wedding budgeting, you can save money on DJs when you use Spotify. And this would be perfect if you plan a small wedding with just friends and family. In that case, you only need to arrange your playlist and dance away.

And if you don't have preferred songs, you can always use Spotify's wedding playlist. Either way, we are sure you'll have a great wedding. Congrats!

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