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Understanding The True Meaning Of Marriage

Marriage means different things to different people across socio-cultural and economic spaces. And perhaps the most accurate meaning is best described by the two people in the union. Like love, marriage is what the two parties involved in it make of it.

In essence, if marriage to you is a legal binding until divorce, then you're right. And if you turn around and say no, marriage is an obligation that you owe to society and your unborn generation, well, you’re still right!

Whatever meaning you give to marriages, we can tell you there are always overlapping interests. And, despite the differences regarding companionship and love across cultures, we can always agree that A is married to B. why?

Because we saw certain qualities between A and B, we say they are married. Voila! There goes the true meaning of marriage!

So, what are those qualities we see in marriages? Better put, what is the essence of marriage?

Keep reading to find what marriage means at its bare!

Marriage Means To Agree

Either based on love or civility, the first quality of marriage is agreement. Think about it, can you stay in a union without agreeing to the vows? At least, you'd say, "I do."

But beyond the “vows and yes” at the altar, marriages are beds of agreements. Even before the altar, you would agree with your partner that “yes, we’re doing this.” After that, your parents would agree too.

And fast-forward to after the wedding, you and your spouse would keep agreeing before you make any decision. For example, you’d both have to reach a consensus regarding having children and naming them. How about keeping pets? Or how about having a couple’s coffee mug?

Bottom line: Marriage means you and your partner are not sole decision-makers anymore. And before either of you take any critical step, you must both reach a consensus.

Marriage Means Selflessness

Perhaps the agreement before the wedding is strictly love-based. How about after the wedding or days when the sparks of love aren't at their brightest? What keeps your marriage smoothly sailing?

You see, deep-rooted in all the “agreements” between your partner and yourself is selflessness. One of you (or even both of you) has to make sacrifices. You both have to let go of the mainstays of your single life to accommodate your new realities.

And mind you, we don’t mean that in a bad light. We, Jacobo & Helen of Shop Deluxy, are married, and we know we had to let go of some of the old ways. But, it's all good – that's what happens in marriages.

When the ring goes on your fingers, know that you already waved bye to selfishness. About that, it is now “we” instead of “I.” And that’s regardless of if you’re in a great mood or not!

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Marriage Means Oneness

Ultimately, being in agreement and letting go of your personal interest for the sake of your union glues you to your partner. When that happens, you’d both think and act alike.

Have you ever noticed that spouses at some point in their marriages start looking alike? The likeness could be how they talk, walk, or even their fashion. Either way, that's the oneness we are talking about!

But beyond facial expressions, marriages bond you and your spouse sexually, emotionally, and even psychologically. Literally, it makes you two “one.”

However, note that becoming one with your partner doesn’t mean you’d lose your self-identity. Instead, here is what it means:

Marriage Means Growth – Rapid & Constant

As we said, you are not losing self-worth or identity. Instead, marriage means you are complementing your partner – and vice versa.

Put simply: marriage means growth. In it, you would let go of your bad habits and strengthen the awesome ones. And in weakness, marriage will bring you strength.

Do you remember the saying that there is strength in numbers? Well, it couldn't be truer in marriage. How so?

In marriage, you and your partner constantly complement each other and help yourselves grow.

Marriage Means Expansion

After all the agreement and growth, marriage helps you and your partner internalize a new value system. And it doesn't stop there; marriage allows you to expand in knowledge, property, wealth, and children.

Ultimately, marriage helps to build your children in your newfound value system and help mold the world to a better place for all of us. After all, the family is the smallest unit of society!

In summary, marriage means union, love, agreement, and growth. Marriage means you and your spouse!

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