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Celebrating Your Spouse On Valentine’s Day – 5 Unique Ideas

We understand that the dust has only barely settled on the Christmas and New Year festivities. Nonetheless, January is not too early for planning a "special" valentine's day for your spouse.

Think of it this way: early preparation will help you avoid issues of “all booked” or “out of tickets.” Plus, you can save money if you book your trips and date venues ahead of the love-in-the-air day.

That said, do you have an idea for this Valentine’s Day? Will it be a date night, a trip to the Maldives, or lunch at McDonald’s? Or perhaps you don’t have the slightest clue?

The ideas in this article can help!

5 Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Spouse On Valentine’s Day

Breakfast In Bed

While “breakfast in bed” is not a new love gesture, it never gets old. And believe us, that’s the perfect way to begin a valentine’s day for your spouse, regardless of the other events you’ve lined up for the day.

To make breakfast in bed unique to your spouse, serve them something personalized, exotic, and new. Also, we'll advise you to put off the alarm so that your heartthrob can still be in dreamland when the aroma fills the room.

And while you’re at it, serve the meal with your Mr.  & Mrs. apron. Why?

There is nothing as beautiful as being served by a professional-looking chef. With the apron, you’d look like one. Plus, the appearance is a reassurance of the love you and your spouse share.

Romantic Treasure Hunt

After the “breakfast in bed” treat, let your spouse refresh. Afterward, engage them immediately in a romantic treasure hunt. Like most treasure hunts, you would have to design the theme and clues. We have some tips for you:

  • Design your treasure hunt around the highlights of your relationship.
  • Focus on significant dates like your first kiss and the proposal day.
  • Also, take note of the venue of your outings. Which of those places enticed or irked your spouse?
  • Lastly, ensure the treasure is worth the hunt.

But what if your partner has to go to the office? Well, you can still host a romantic treasure hunt. However, ensure the processes don't take too long. Just focus on the high-priority occasions.

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Leave Love Notes, And On Social Media

This idea is not new but rarely practiced in this digital world. Almost everything is online now, but you can still print love notes. You could even use them as clues for your treasure hunt.

Besides being cute, love notes are tangible. Your spouse could hold the notes, smile, reminisce about the relationship, and even show them off. You would like that “show-off” part, won’t you?

However, we'll advise you to cut the notes in beautiful shapes. Forms matter just as much as words!

Also, where you leave the notes matter. We recommend that you put them where your spouse will find them. Such places include:

  • Wallet or bag
  • Wardrobe
  • Jacket’s pockets
  • Mirrors
  • Fridge

And in addition to notes, you can post lovely messages on your spouse's social media profile. For that, you could do a video slide. However, ensure that your spouse doesn't mind PDAs.

Go Outside

Regardless of what day Valentine's Day falls, you and your spouse should still make time to go out. Moreso, dates, and trips are fun. So, plan one!

Now, you might wonder if the outings should be only to new places and experiences. Well, it doesn’t matter if you take your spouse to a new venue or not. What counts is the motive and opportunity to make your significant other happy.

In other words, ensure that your outings and the activities are what your spouse would love. But you can add a fun spice. Introduce a hobby that your spouse is terrible at so that you can win and laugh at them.

If you're traveling for your valentine's day, remember to use your Mr.  & Mrs. luggage tags and passport holders.

Candlelit Dinner

After all the breakfast, hunt, love notes, and outings round off your valentine's day with a candlelit dinner in your house. Here is the perfect opportunity to discuss your relationship with your partner. Talk about the highs and lows. What more can you both do to improve the relationship?

After the heart-to-heart talk, you can enjoy a slow dance and enjoy a beautiful sleep. That is an incredible end to valentine's day, eh?

So, treat your spouse with these ideas on February 14. We wish you more love and happiness!

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