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6 First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

First off, congratulations! It's been a whole 365 days since you tied the knot, and you both drove off in a blissful sunset. That must feel awesome, eh? Even better, isn't it worth celebrating? We bet you’d say yes!

In that case, this article can help you choose the best gift for your first wedding anniversary. And it doesn't matter if you’re on a budget or would prefer the glamorous celebration. Either way, we have prepared several ideas for you.

Check our diverse range of first wedding anniversary gift ideas below!

Paper Gift Ideas

Traditionally, couples celebrate their first wedding anniversary with paper designs and inscriptions. While the idea is old, it is still quite beautiful. However, paper gifts tend to tear if not handled with care. But don't worry about that; the paper gift we listed here can withstand tears and fade. Have a look!

Framed Letters & Vows

If your spouse fancies handwritten love letters, you can do one and frame it. You could even hang it in your bedroom across the bed. That way, the framed paper will be the first thing you both wake up to in the morning. Cute, eh?

But what if you’re far from Shakespeare? Well, you can frame your wedding vows instead!

Note: Whichever option you choose, ensure that the frame glass has UV protection for your eyes.

Paper Flowers

Fresh flowers will wither away and won’t align with your marriage’s “till death do us part.” But with paper flowers, they can last as long as you want. Plus, these artificial flowers are printed in shapes and are customizable to include texts.

You can make your paper flower origami or model it after your spouse’s taste. Either way, you can rest assured that the gift will last forever like your love for your heartthrob.

Paper Map

Who says you should only travel for your honeymoon? You can do so too for your anniversary. But if you don’t feel like traveling or perhaps work won’t permit, how about a treasure hunt with a paper map?

You can draw that yourself and go out with your spouse to a nearby camp to play the treasure hunt. And think about it, that would be better than staying at home Netflix-ing.

Pro tip: While you are at it, you can also gift your spouse a custom Mr.  & Mrs. picnic bag to make the camping romantic.

Clock Gift Ideas

Unlike paper, clock gifts are modern wedding anniversary gifts. Plus, they are significant too. How so?

Clock gifts show you how much your love withstood trials and critical moments. More importantly, they signify that time is precious – every time you spend with your spouse counts.

Even at that, we won't advise you to settle for bland wall clocks as your first wedding anniversary gift - you can do better. And luckily, the ideas below can help!

Pocket Watch

The chances are that you and your spouse already have a wristwatch. In that case, you can both get vintage pocket watches as your anniversary gifts. And before you discard the idea, you should know that these watches are retro fashion and classic – they would improve your fashion appeal.

And while you are at it, you can engrave your spouse’s picture on the watch. Also, choose a golden color for this gift. Why? Gold signifies wealth and passion – the qualities your marriage would need to flourish.

Farmhouse-Style, Custom Clock

Another vintage-styled clock you can try as your wedding anniversary is the farmhouse clock. It is big and bold. Plus, you can customize the gift to include your wedding picture, your name (Mr.  & Mrs.), and the date of your union.

Whichever design you choose, a farmhouse-style couple clock will make your spouse happy. And to make them the happiest every day, place the clock across the entrance to your home. That way, your spouse will remember how much you love them as they go out and come into the house.

Custom Tabletop Clock

Outside the portable pocket watch, you might still want a much more visible clock gift. If that is you, try tabletop clocks. The best part: you can customize them to carry pictures of you and your spouse. Or, you can add a romantic message. Either way, your spouse can put such a gift on their work desk to show you off and feel loved.

But what if you prefer a first-year wedding gift that is neither traditional nor contemporary? Well, there is no limitation on what you can present to your spouse. If you could, you can even throw a party. But if you prefer to model what other couples are doing (and in style), the ideas in this post are perfect.

Once again, congratulations!

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