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3 Tips To Planning A Surprise Proposal

You have finally found the girl after your heart. And now, more than anyone, you want to spend the rest of your life with her.


So, it's time to pop the question, and you want a surprise and exciting proposal, or don't you?

But there is one issue. Your sweetheart completely understands you and could guess your every move even before you hatch them. So, how can you pull a surprise proposal?

Understandably, surprise proposals can be tricky. Nevertheless, they are possible.

Believe us, you can wow your sweetheart and take her off guard. She would never suspect a thing, let alone a ring.

And it doesn't matter if your lovely heartthrob is the genius, Amazing Amy. We can assure you that she would never guess that you're about popping "the question." But how?

Below are the tips to guide you!

Note: the ideas in this post are applicable to both parties. They are not just for the irresistible princess but also the charming prince.

Scratch Your Anniversaries

Not just your anniversaries; scratch your birthdays too. And while you are at it, forget February 14. Your nonagenarian grandma and your little niece in preschool could guess such dates.

Everyone would plan proposals towards Valentine's Day or their birthdays. So, do better. But how?

Step away from popular proposal days. Else, your girlfriend will sniff your surprise from miles away.

So, what should you do?

Pick a random day that your fiancée-to-be would never expect. And you can add a twist by letting her pick unknowingly.

Engage your girlfriend in a roll-dice game.  Then, choose the numbers she rolls as the day to pop the question.

She would never expect that!

Propose During A Ritual Activity

Do you have a picnic and lunch ritual? Or is it a pancake getaway with friends?

Whatever you do with your fiancée-to-be, and that you both love, propose during that. She would not suspect a proposal. To her, it's the usual outing.

For example, say you and your heartthrob are such huge fans of the bowl. You could pop the question during the game.

If you're lucky, the day your fiancée-to-be rolled on the dice could even be the super bowl day. That would be awesome!

Whatever event you settle on, ritual activity proposals have fun stories. Plus, they form the perfect and exciting start to your engagement.

Pro tip: you might not have a ritual with your girlfriend. If that's you, you can use a night walk. Just think deeply about what you both love doing - not necessarily a ritual.

Consider Your Girlfriend's Interests

You might want to step away from rituals if you want to put your girlfriend in the limelight. Instead of "us," focus on what she likes.

For example, if your girlfriend is like Amazing Amy with her puzzles and treasure hunts, why not spice her game with your proposal?

Say she's the business lady; you could plan a business trip and surprise her with the ring. Imagine her preparing for an e-conference, only to see a video of your relationship. And then, you open the door, holding the shiny tiny circle and the smiles!

That's romantic and wow-ish, eh?

So, think deeply about what your girlfriend loves. The answer thereof is another twist you can use to surprise her.

Overall, be as creative as you could when proposing. Your creativity in itself will surprise your better half. And while you're at it, plan and hire a professional photographer. Surprise proposals are sweet with pictures - capture the stunned look on the face of your heartthrob!

We wish you all the best. For more information on what to expect after the proposal, check our blog!

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