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A Horoscope Guide To Your Best Honeymoon Location

Honeymoons are special trips that you enjoy best at the core. And what better way to do that than using your horoscope?

Well, you can always follow your friend's or colleague's recommendations on the perfect honeymoon location. Your parents' advice would be equally great, or perhaps there's a family tradition - excellent options!

Either way, you would never truly enjoy your honeymoon if you don't consider yourself.

So, what do you like? What is your personality? Would the perfect getaway not trample on you and your spouse's values and biology?

The "wh" questions could go on forever. Luckily, you can summarize it all by planning your honeymoon with your horoscope. Horoscopes are, after all, the summary of our behavior and tendencies.

So, let your horoscope guide you! But how?

At Shop Deluxy, we sell all ranges of wedding gifts. And because of what we do, we have met and maintained budding relationships with people of different horoscopes over the years. We know what makes each of them tick!

More importantly, we have learned the perfect honeymoon locations for couples based on their zodiac signs. And now, we can help you make the right decision.

Even better, we have compiled the cities that would fit any horoscope. And it doesn't matter if you are Aquarius or Virgo; we have the perfect honeymoon destination for you.

But first, we hope you have your custom Mr and Mrs luggage tags and passport holders. If not, check our catalog for many more products to help you enjoy a memorable honeymoon.

That said, let's delve into the details!


As an Aquarian, you enjoy your alone time. And above all else, you crave the freedom to roam about and soak all the pleasures of nature.

Then, you will love Angkor Wat, Cambodia, as your honeymoon getaway. There, you will find various adventures to satisfy your curiosity.

And about curiosity, check the Buddhist complex. That would make an exciting souvenir of your trip to Cambodia.

Overall, Angkor Wat, Cambodia, will provide an atmosphere of love and self-reflection. That will undoubtedly help you in your new phase.


As an Aries, you are energetic. Every nerve of you craves social interactions, eh?

We know just where you can have the most fun. Head out to Cappadocia, Turkey! Why?

Cappadocia is a mountain region brimming with lots of action-packed activities. And recently, it has seen influxes of people from all nooks and crannies of the world.

Think about that! Cappadocia is your chance to meet and exchange ideas with the globals. And trust us, you'd love it there as an Aries couple.

While you are at Cappadocia, ensure you try the hot balloon rides!


Cancers are some of the romantic people we have seen. They love serene and greenery themes.

Does that sound like you?

If yes, then Playa del Carmen, Mexico, is where you should visit for your honeymoon. There, you can enjoy personalized fun with a candlelit dinner, beach stargazing, and exciting ocean views.

Think about all the love scripts you could whisper! Imagine how the ocean waves would carry them to your spouse's ears!

Lest we forget, Playa del Carmen, Mexico, has some of the most exquisite restaurants around. So, enjoy love, the views, music, and the food!

As a Cancer, here is where to be 10 out of 10 times!


Much like Aries, we know you like to get your hands into action as a Capricorn. No matter what happens, you can't stay idle. That is also why you love to enjoy the most fun when you eventually decide to rest.

Well, you can have all the rest and fun that you need at Mallorca, Spain: the perfect getaway and honeymoon location!

Enjoy love and romance in the mountain scenery the picturesque city has to offer.

The best part: everything about Mallorca is charming - the serenity, the views, and even the people. And all that is what you will enjoy far away from the daily bustle that has been your life.

And remember, as a Capricorn, that a honeymoon, rest, or trip worth taking is worth doing well. So, do a Mallorca, enjoy La Isla Bonita, and sing the Spanish lullabies!


Freedom to explore and interact are the two highlights of Geminis. And a place that features both of such delights is Corfu, Greece.

The city is rich in history and beautiful sceneries. As a result, you have everything on the ground to make your honeymoon memorable.

Another beauty of Corfu, Greece, is that you can do it all there - beaches, parks, and even restaurants. Plus, the city is home to fun-pack parties.

So, go ahead, book your honeymoon trip to Corfu. And prepare to have the experience of a lifetime!

While you are there, check the Mandraki Harbor!


Like the lion, Leos want to roam and yet enjoy their serene environment. You want romance and adventure and a bit of classic chill. Or don't you?

We have just the perfect honeymoon location for you in St. Bart - an exotic island of love!

And we know that Leos will love it at St Bart. The reason is that the island has it all. There, you will find "class." Besides, the whole setup screams exotic.

Despite all that, St. Bart has a touch of French-ness and the Caribbean. What better place to enjoy romance than a combination of such two love-centric cultures?

Besides love and romance, you can also soak in on any snorkeling adventures on the island. And our personal favorite: the dining options at the Tamarin!


Many of the Libras that have patronized us favor balance. From their fashion taste to questions: one can tell what they want is equilibrium.

But where in the world can a Libra like you find such a balance and tranquility on your honeymoon?

Try Gloucester, Massachusetts!

The fishing town will bring back the much-needed balance you need. The wedding might have taken its toll on you and your spouse. At Gloucester, you can relieve all that stress with nature's splendors.

Besides, Gloucester would offer you the tranquility to finally appreciate your friends for their contributions to your wedding - your bridesmaids, especially.

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While you are Gloucester, check its seafood dinners - they are classic!


Bobby McFerrin might have had lots of Pisces friends; his "Don't Worry, Be Happy" really highlights their nature. And we understand that as a Pisces yourself, you have stressed yourself out thinking of your wedding.

Even now that the parties are over, you still worry about the future, kids, and building a beautiful home. But all that thinking would only double your troubles.

Instead, let go of your worries at a relaxing honeymoon location. But where?

Try Baltimore, Maryland!

If you are in the US already, that means less travel time. Yes, we understand that Pisces can be cautious too.

Either way, Baltimore has a lot to offer - from ocean views, bars to pools. It is the perfect getaway to relax for once.

You deserve a rest! And because we know you can hardly let go of your nature as Pisces, we will advise you to take a stroll with your spouse across the seaport city. Soak in the air, and let Bobby McFerrin's words sink through!

Pro tip: come with your custom couple wine glasses to enjoy the classics from Gloucester's wineries.


Like the sign, Sagittarians are adventurous. Even their ruling planet, Jupiter, is the largest. So, everything points to how they enjoy freedom and travel.

That's you. Right?

Then, we have just the perfect honeymoon location to satisfy your (and spouse's) thirst for adventure. Check Montreux, Switzerland!

Firstly, Montreux will quench your curiosity and intelligent appetite. You'd learn about history and literature.

And when all that learning is over, you can soak in the pleasures of the soaring Alps. We know you'd like to explore that too!

Lastly, Montreux offers you a chance to learn about new cultures. Imagine all the people you'd meet! There is no better place to do that than in a wealthy city.

While you are in Montreux, Switzerland, check Lake Geneva!


Much like Cancers, we understand that Scorpios are romantic. For a passionate sign like yours, you need a honeymoon that oozes love in the air.

So, where would that be? Where can you get romance with a spice of fun and danger?

Try Marrakech, Morocco!

Everything about Marrakech is adventurous - starting from the dunes to the souks. As such, you will engage your senses throughout your stay.

And when that happens, you can express your love to your spouse even more. You should try romance in Marrakech's sun peaks - the experience is out of this world!


Taurus can often come off as Libras. However, they are different. The former is more laid-back and doesn't overly dote about equilibrium.

What a Taurus desires most is to relax and soak in the pleasures of mother nature. What you love, after all, is the security that serenity offers, eh?

Then, we know just the place for your honeymoon.  Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica will do the job!

At the Peninsula Papagayo, you will enjoy the Pacific Ocean dips like never before. And if you're a great swimmer, you can soak the security nature's gift has on offer.

When all that skinny dipping is over, you can try one of the many meditation vendors with your spouse in the city. It will be fun and relaxing!


We understand that Virgos are creative geniuses. Like Capricorns, we know you like to be handsy with crafts and hobbies.

We have just the perfect honeymoon location to groom your creative spirit; try Grindavik, Iceland!

Soak in all that Viking glory and enjoy the masterpieces on display. Who knows, you and your spouse might learn one of the locals' trades.

Above that, we'd like you to enjoy a dip in the waters Grindavik has to offer.

Note: While you might be a calculated spender as a Virgo, be ready to spend some more at Grindavik. The market's products can be tempting.


Overall, have fun; you deserve it!

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