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10 Questions To Ask To Choose The Perfect Wedding Gift

Unlike the couple's parents, you most likely don't have a precept on what to gift your friend for their wedding. And it's not like money is the issue here; it is the "what to get."

So, what gift would be most appropriate for a wedding? How do you even know you have chosen a gift that will make the couple happy every time they see or use it?

Let's help you!

Here at Shop Deluxy, we specialize in crafting gift ideas for couples. Regardless of your taste, our catalog has got what you'd like.

That said, ask yourself the following questions before sending a wedding gift to your friend:

Are The Couple Jetting Off To Upendi After The Wedding?

It would not come off as a shock that your friend and their spouse had planned a honeymoon overseas. They might even have planned that more than the wedding itself. 

Perhaps the couple is adventurous or would prefer the serenity around strangers to enjoy the early bliss of marriages. Either way, these gifts would be most delightful:

What if the couple would rather stay home than travel? In that case, check this out:

Are The Couple The Home Over Travel Type?

Granted, not everyone would enjoy the thrills of traveling overseas. It could be stressful, plus, the booking of hotels and flights is almost always disastrous.

So, pardon your friend if they would rather stay home and cozy with their better half during their honeymoon. In that case, what gift would be most appropriate?

  • Custom robes and slippers
  • Hobby blankets
  • Indoor games
  • Subscription boxes
  • Gift boxes

Are The Couple The Handsy, Hopeless Romantic?

We all have those kinds of friends; they can never seem to let go of themselves. Every minute comes with a series of cuddles and kisses. And they don't care if you're friends or strangers!

Annoyingly as the lovey-dovey might be, it is cute! Moreover, love birds must dote on themselves. Are your couple friends like that? Yes?

In that case, these gifts would be most fitting:

  • Couple retreat reservations
  • Gesture coupons
  • Lingerie
  • Romantic dinner and or hotel reservations
  • Silky pajamas - add massage candles

Does Your Friend Fascinate Collecting And Documenting Memories?

Beyond the romance, your friend might love the concept of loving - they love "love." As such, they would go heights to document their awn moments and cuddly detours.

If any of that depicts the couple, the following gifts can help them hold to their nuptial memories:

  • A map of the sky on the couple's wedding night
  • Custom memory boxes
  • Custom puzzle - for how the couple met or their love story
  • Photobook
  • Wedding journals

Does The Couple Love Parties?

Like you have the romantic couple, some can be party-centric. The chances are that they met themselves even at a party. In other words, there will be more event hosting even after the marriage.

Good news: you would get an invite to dance and make merry!

But what gifts would be most appropriate for these party lovers?

Check these out:

Is There Any Chance The Couple Are  Short On Money?

Weddings are costly undertakings. Yes, you can plan a successful one on a budget. Even at that, you'd spend quite a wad of money.

So, yes, the couple would need money; they might not admit that openly. If you're a close friend, you'd know. And if indeed they are in dire need, these gifts will be the best:

  • Cash - best if you send it via bank and wrap the receipts
  • Gift cards - the couple could sell these kinds. Typical examples include Amazon and winery gift cards. Find something the couple could trade-off with ease.

What if your friend refuses cash and gift cards? Then, the next tip will help!

Are The Couple Settling Into A Different Phase?

Indeed, marriage itself is a new phase. Imagine moving in with another person and readjusting your priorities - an enormous upheaval to your life!

But marriage aside, how about work? What of the house? Are the couple relocating to a new city? Are they planning to usher diapers and cackles soon?

Regardless of what the couple is going through, you can offer material assistance. While your friend might reject your cash gifts, they would accept these alternatives:

  • Custom doormats
  • Garden awnings or shades
  • Home/kitchen appliances
  • Home/office chairs and utilities
  • Wall arts and other interior decoration aids

Does The Couple Hobby As A Pair?

The chances are that your friend has a do-together spouse. They would do the dishes, prepare meals, and even knit together. And then, there is the classic: Netflixing together!

Sounds romantic, eh?

We have just the gift ideas that would fit such couples. Have a look:

What If Everything Is Taken Or You Hardly Know The Couple?

Did you arrive late at the registry and saw all the gifts you would have chosen already on display? Busted, what then would you give the couple?

Or maybe you hardly know the couple? Perhaps you only talked once, and it was at your third cousin's book launch or your late great aunt's sister's burial!

What then? What gift would be most appropriate and an item any couple would appreciate?

Don't fret; check these collections:

  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Gift baskets
  • Jewelry cases
  • Skincare products
  • Mugs set 


And now to the last point:

Do You Even Have Enough Money For Wedding Gifts?

Yes, we said money is not the issue. But you could already have a lot on your plate. You could be planning a relocation or just married yourself.

Yet, your best friend is tying the knot, and you must gift something regardless of your current financial situation. So, what would it be? What would be affordable and still thoughtful?

Check these affordable but adorable wedding gifts:

  • A CD mix of the couple's favorite songs
  • A pair of spread for the couple's bedroom
  • A houseplant
  • A selfie stick
  • Framed wedding invitation

Thoughtful, eh?

Know that your friend would appreciate your gift regardless of how small they might come off. In the end, your wishes and presence are what count. So, show up, cheer loudly, smile hard, and dance cheerfully.

It's your friend's wedding; have fun!

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