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Money And Marriage: How Can You Ensure That One Doesn’t Affect The Other?

Managing money is just as tasking and emotional as keeping any relationship. Now, you might argue against that fact. But tell us, how do you feel when you are “broke”? Doesn't being broke take its toll on your emotions? We bet it does!

Now, combine that money emotion with your marriage life, and you'd have a complex to solve. Perhaps you should only prioritize your love life then and forget about money, eh? Don't even think about that; a marriage with financial trouble will eventually collapse.

So, what can you do?

Marriage and money can work without one affecting the other. And frankly, for that balance to happen, you and your spouse should be ready to make some sacrifices. Even then, the road to a financially buoyant and happy marriage will be bumpy, but it can be beautiful. How?

The tips in this article can help you!

How To Strike A Balance Between Your Finances And Your Marriage

Set Financial Date Nights

The first way you and your spouse can have healthy finances and marriage is to talk about these topics. In particular, don’t shy away from money talks. In contrast to that, set specific date nights with your spouse about managing your finances.

On date nights, you and your partner should discuss your money habits. And while you're both at it, always maintain an open mind.

That said, note that the date nights should not be a one-time thing. As much as possible, keep the financials dates going – even when both bank balances are not red. You don’t have to wait for emergencies!

Pro tip: have a regular sit-down talk with your spouse about finances and love at least once a month.

Don’t Wait Until Marriage Before You Define The What And How

We understand that you might not want to be presumptuous or too assertive. Moreover, he hasn't popped the question yet - so, why start talking about finances? Well, we get you!

But even at that, you don't want to wait until marriage before you start making financial plans and having those "dates." Start your plans and budgeting as soon as the engagement date is set. That is the right time to discuss your marriage's financial buoyancy. About that, can you both afford a glamorous wedding? In particular, who handles what for the wedding?

Once you and your spouse can answer those questions, budgeting for what lies ahead will be stress-free. That also means that both of you can attend your financial date nights happily to discuss the future.

However, if you and your partner are not financially buoyant, you can plan your wedding on a budget. Plus, you can get help with your wedding financing. Here is how:

Financing A Wedding: Who Handles What?


Consider Combining Your Finances

Indeed, the talks of combining finances in marriage can be a bit controversial. Regardless, it is a journey worth taking and the ultimate way to make your marriage financially buoyant. How so?

  • Combined finance means careful and calculated spending. Neither you or your spouse can spend like the money is only theirs.
  • Combined finance is a check and balance system – with no one monitoring your actions, sticking to the promises of your financial dates might be difficult. But with a combined account, you and your spouse will hold each other accountable for expenses.
  • Combined finance is a new level of responsibility in marriage.

That said, how can you and your spouse create combined finance?

There are several ways to go about it - the first method is to open a joint account where you and your partner are both signatories.

In our opinion, opening a joint account is the easiest way to combine finances with your spouse without necessarily sacrificing your all. With this approach, you can still set aside a little money for your personal needs. The best part: the finances in the joint account are so secured that neither you nor your partner can assess it without the consent of each other.

If you feel the joint account is restraining, then you can go all out and combine your finances with your spouse. When you do, ensure you both set ground rules on the dos and don’ts. Don’t disrespect each other on the grounds of who earns more. Most importantly, you both shouldn't let the kids' need cause any ripple in your carefully laid plans. Always discuss any need at your financial dates!

And that's it: how to have a healthy and financially buoyant marriage. We hope you have the tips here helpful!

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