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Reception Etiquette Inquiries And Their Respective Answers

Reception Etiquette Inquiries And Their Respective Answers

Are you worried that your reception might hit a snag? Yes, you have practiced and perfected the etiquettes. But you can never be too sure, eh?

We got you!

At Shop Deluxy, we take delight in unnerving intending couples, and we are the masters of gifts. So, here is one for you and your spouse:

7 Reception Etiquette Questions And The Answers

How Much Time Should Be Between The "I Do" And Reception?

There is no rule here!

But for the sake of your guests, be considerate. At the same time, you might have your plans, and the same thing applies to your church.

For example, imagine your church's schedule is 9 am, and you prefer your reception later at 3 pm. In that case, guests can be confused about what to do within the 6hours time frame.

So, what should you do?

Don't disrupt your ideas - God knows how long you have planned it. Instead, make tweaks by introducing tours.

If not tours, how about hanging out at a cafe or lounge near the reception venue?

If you can't afford that, you can plead with a relative to use their home as a gathering spot. When you do, you will keep your invitees, especially the out-of-town, engaged and happy.

How Should You Go About Guests' Escort Cards?

Ordinarily, the best and simplest way out is to give each guest an escort card. However, that could spiral your finances if you'd plan a budget wedding. How so?

For starters, you would need to create almost twice the space for display. Then, you will print more cards, which will cost you more money.

That said, what method is budget-friendly?

  • If there are pairs in your guest list, use a single card for them.
  • Married couples should share a single card. Note that the wife's name must come first.
  • Unmarried couples living in separate areas should get different cards. The same thing applies if your friend is bringing a date you don't know.

Is  Open Seating Acceptable At Receptions?

Not exactly!

Seating arrangements shouldn't take priority. Nevertheless, they can make a difference in making your invitees comfortable.

So, back to the question:

Don't use open seating; while such an arrangement could be fun, it looks like some preschool or new kid around the block cliché. So, what should you do?

Assign tables to your guests, and let them choose their chairs. Or haven't you prepared your guest list yet? If yes, check how to create one here!

Overall, the theme of your reception determines your guests' seating arrangement. For example, if you planned a cocktail-like event, know that 50% of the guests will be without chairs.

Don't fret!

Instead of conventional chairs, you can use lounge maneuvers and ottomans. It's a cocktail reception, and most guests would take to the dancefloor or games.

Should Guests Sit Close To Their Friends Or Strangers?

This question is the trickiest, but we can help you regardless. Here is how to go about it:

Young people are party troopers. They probably have planned a group dance or some gimmick to spice up your reception. For that reason, let them sit close to each other.

Adults, on the other hand, often consider outings as an opportunity to meet new people. So, let them have the window; mix the old folks with strangers as much as possible.

But we also understand that strangers might eventually end up on the table. In that case, pair people with similar interests. Try something like a tech table and health-folks - it should be fun!

Are There Any Guidelines To Toasting?

We understand you have tons of questions regarding your toast. Who should take it? What is the time limit? Can you check the content first? And most importantly, when do you raise your glasses?

Check the answers below:

Traditionally, the first speech, the welcome address, is the duty of the bride's father. He does that to the guests, but he can toast too.

However, we will advise that you let your best man toast. It is fun; plus, he can tell stories fathers wouldn't know. Also, toast by the maid of honor is also a thing!

Nevertheless, the father's bride can also toast, depending on the plan you and your spouse had. In any case, know that you can't check the content of your toaster. It's their right to say whatever they want.

Regardless, don't fret; no one will say anything ill to you or your spouse.

About timing, brevity is crucial. The ideal toast is 3-5minutes. And once the speech is over, the toaster asks to cheer; that's when you raise your glass, and say "thank you."

But what if your toaster is nervous?

A gentle reassurance will work. You can whisper to your toaster to tell a story of how you met the spouse. Or ask him to flow within the love in the air.

What Wines Should You Serve?

If you don't drink wine, choosing one for your reception can be a daunting task. Should it be red or white? Will the crowds even like it?

Serve what you can afford! In other words, you don't need champagne. A $10-20 alternative will do the trick.

Even at that, you can come off in style. How?

Get palate-pleasing and tastebud-enchanting wines. And about color, do a 60:40 in favor of white; they are reception favorites. But since red wines are visually pleasing, plus red screams love, 40% will suffice.

Must You Dance At Your Reception?

Reception dances are undoubtedly one of the highlights of your party. But what then if you're not a dancer? Does that mean your event will be bland?

No, not if you have a wedding planning guide!

If you can't dance, don't fret. Instead of dancing, be creative and try other fun shots. But how and what?

  1. Focus on your surprises and bulking your reception with activities - locomotive kinds. Keep your guests active!
  2. Maximize the space of your event. Use different areas of the reception venue for specific segments of the occasion.
  3. Infuse as many fun activities as possible. Examples of top drawers are photo booths and game sets.
  4. Try as much as possible to design seating arrangements that encourage interaction among your guests.
  5. If your preferred venue has odd wall hangings, change them. Consider lighting and bright designs to sparkle your reception.

And now, you have the answers to the basic reception etiquette inquiries. Perhaps you have questions that we have not answered; reach out, and we'll be in touch!

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