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How To Create a Wedding Budget?

How To Create a Wedding Budget?

Weddings are meant to signify romance and ever lasting commitment. They are meant to have an aura of fairy tale magic to them. However, there are tons of technical details and planning that goes into creating a perfect day and it all starts with deciding a budget.

Having a ballpark figure of how much you can spend on a wedding is important. It decides how much you want to pay for every separate element of the big day. To set a budget, here are the most important considerations:

1. Who is paying?

Traditionally the bride's father paid for the wedding, but this is now an updated mode of thought. It is great if one person can foot the bill, but usually it is more realistic for many people to chip in. Have an important talk about money with your family and your significant other’s folks too. Ask them how much they are willing to comfortably contribute. Nowadays, most couples pay for wedding themselves. Therefore, sit down with your partner and ask how much you want to spend out of your savings and what amount you can conceivably put aside from your income, for months leading up to the wedding.

2. Who is invited?

Guests are the major determined of your cost. So decide who you really want to invite to be a part of the celebrations. The cost of food and drinks, two of the biggest spending areas in a wedding are based on how many people you choose to invite. Not to mention, the size of the location, number of chairs and tables, wedding invites and so much more in terms of expenditure depends on your guest list. Try making a Google document for the guest list so it is easier to share with your fiancé and close family who is invited to the wedding. It will also be easier to approximate the money you are going to spend if you have a definitive number of guests.


3. What do you really want?

We want very single detail of the wedding to be exquisite, but while working with a budget it is up to you to decide which aspects of the event you want to spend extra cash on and which ones you can live without. This requires a conversation with your partner about what you both want your wedding to be. If you want fresh floral arrangements and your fiancé wants an open bar, those two items should get priority while allocating monkey for individual things.

Hope this article helps you budget your wedding. Be sure to read cup on hidden costs that you need to consider. Remember, weddings are not worth going into debt over because at the end of the day what matters are the feelings and the bond being forged. Also, if you’re looking for some wedding gifts to add to your registry, check out our website for some ideas!

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