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What to Wear To a Wedding?

What to Wear To a Wedding?

When it comes to picking out an outfit for a wedding, you want to find something that is cool and stylish but at the same time doesn’t take the focus away from the bride and groom. The very first rule of a wedding outfit is to avoid wearing white. Even if the bride’s dress is some other color, just avoid wearing white because that will automatically have people confused. Another thing to keep in mind are the religious affiliations. If it’s a Church wedding, you might want to pick out something that doesn’t show off too much leg or cleavage. Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk discuss some wedding outfit ideas:

1. White Tie Wedding

White tie weddings require the most formal dress code, so if the invitation says that, you better start preparing. We are talking about a formal outfit that you would see celebs wearing at Academy Awards. Although this type of attire is required very rarely, but when it does, pick out floor-length formal gowns with a full face of makeup, properly styled hair and nice jewelry.

2. Black Tie Wedding

Black tie weddings are much more common than white tie’s, but they still require you to dress up and put in some effort. A formal cocktail or tea-length dress would be perfect for such an event. One can even get away with wearing a chic jumpsuit with some killer heels. Pair your outfit with good makeup, a nice blowout or an updo and finish off with statement jewelry.


3. Black Tie Optional Wedding

Black tie optional can be a bit confusing as you keep wondering whether you dress up or down. We think it’s smart to dress up because it’s better safe than sorry. For this, the dress code is the same as a black-tie event.

4. Cocktail Attire Wedding

Cocktail attire is still fancy, but a bit more relaxed and fun. This attire is usually for less formal occasions, but you obviously still have to dress your best. Here you can even have some fun with your outfit! A knee length dress works and so does the combination of a blouse and skirt.

5. Beach Formal Wedding

The words ‘beach formal’ is often seen on beach wedding invitations and this can stir up quite a lot of confusion. For such weddings, go for a floral maxi-dress of a cute knee-length sundress. Some fancy flats or wedges work best here since heels don’t mix well with the sand. Loose beach waves make for a great hairdo!

We hope you’ve got some ideas on what to wear to a wedding. If you’re in need of some gifts for the soon-to-be-couple, make sure to check us out and see what we have to offer!



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