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How to Plan the Perfect Wedding

6 Guides on How to Plan your Perfect Wedding

What does a perfect wedding look like? That can differ from person to person but there are some common factors which can ensure that you have the perfect wedding. Once you dive into the wedding planning, there are some things you need to take care of in order to have the wedding of your dreams.

1. Make a Budget

Your budget determines how big or small your wedding would be, so that’s the first thing you should decide. Have a discussion with your partner and parents to set an estimate so that everything starts off at the right foot.

2. Pick a Date

Before the date is set in stone, have a talk with your family and friends to make sure everyone is free on the date you’re picking. If you’re planning to get married in summer or early fall, you’ll most likely have to plan ahead to get the best venues.

3. Guest Count

Once you do the guest count, only then you can move on to picking a venue. The number of guests to invite depends on your budget, so don’t go ahead and invite everyone you’ve ever met.

4. Select The Location

Many places are booked an year or more an advance, so get a move on it as soon as possible. Once you have a guest count, think about how you want the wedding to look like. When going for an outdoor wedding, keep the weather in mind. While a blank space may give you more ideas to get creative, but it will also cost more. If your budget is limited, hotels are the best option.

5. Consider Getting a Wedding Planner

If you’re not good with planning or have never throw a big party before, hiring a wedding planner would be the best fit. They can take the burden from you and make sure your wedding day is perfect. Tell them your budget, theme and everything else you want and allow them to take care of everything.

6. Create a Bridal Registry

A bridal registry allows your guests to know exactly what to buy for you as a wedding gift. Our brand is all about fun, creative and useful wedding gifts, so let them know about it. We specialize in gifts for couples, so there are a lot of options to pick from.

And that is how you can plan the perfect wedding! Also, make sure to have fun with it.


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