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Finding The Perfect Mask For Your Wedding - 9 Ideas

You probably didn't dream of a wedding day with face masks. Or did you?

Regardless, we are here; we live in COVID-reality, and it is one where face masks are everywhere. Even at that, your wedding can come out as stylish as you'd always hope.


This post can help. Here, we have compiled nine wedding face masks ideas that are safe and stylish.

Have a look!

Note: the face masks in this list are not the medical or surgical grades. Nonetheless, they are safe as long as you keep to the distance rules.

Before The Wedding:

Customized Disposable Face Masks

You can complement your wedding invitation cards with your face masks. And the disposable kinds can help!

Beautifully, disposable face masks come in non-woven fabrics. Thanks to that feature, you will get the best of air permeability and bacteria filtration.

So, print your wedding dates on the disposable face masks and dazzle. And in the case of postponement, don't fret!

Disposable face masks are affordable; you can reprint the new dates!

Alternative: try the satin face masks if you don't like the disposable kinds. They are equally affordable and versatile.

For The Bride:

Embroidered Cotton Bridal Masks

We won't advise disposable masks for you: the bride. You deserve elegance and style!

For that reason, use embroidered bridal masks. They are classic, cotton-textured, and natural.

And you can style your embroidered masks even further. For a start, you can use french lace. Also, you can add floral designs and color, then watch how your spring wedding takes shape.

Perhaps you have not decided on your wedding date. Check this guide for help!

For The Groom

Handcrafted Silk Face Masks

Well, handcrafted silk face masks fit both bride and groom. But we will advise you to use them only for your groom. Why?

Silk masks are masculine and perfect fits for tuxedos. These aids represent style and yet preserve the reserved nature of grooms. To maintain the coolness - even more -, line your groom's silk masks with linen.

Alternative: if you want some other material outside silk, satins will do.

Matching Face Masks For Bride & Groom:

Embroidered Fabric Face Masks

The chances are that you and your groom want something you both can rock in style. In that case, have you considered embroidered fabric face masks?

If not, you should!

Embroidered fabric face masks are comfy and stylish. More importantly, they fit all sexes, are customizable, and in different sizes.

While you are at it, you can sneak a Mr or Mrs on the mask. That will surely grab lots of attention.

And if you're not comfortable with fabrics, try satin. But know that the overall style might take a dent since satin face masks are widespread.

Face Masks For Wedding Guests:

The options we included here are suitable for your bridal shower, groomsmen, as well as the couple's parents. You can also use the options for your attending guests.

Coloured Satin Face Masks

Yes, your guests can use satin face masks just like you. This time, however, theirs will vary. How?

Take the white and off-white satin face masks and leave the colored options to your guests. By doing so, you can set the theme of your wedding around the color combinations.

Pro tip: colored satin masks are the perfect fit for your bridal parties.

Custom Reusable Cotton Face Masks

Like the name, these face masks are customizable cotton aids. As a result, they are breathable and can combine with your guests' dresses.

More importantly, reusable face masks come in one-size-fits-all measurements. In other words, you will save money even while ensuring that your guests remain happy.

Monogrammed Disposable Face Masks

Do you want an overall simple and beautiful wedding? If yes, your guests' face masks should reflect simplicity too. But how?

The way out is monogrammed disposable face masks. With one, you can personalize every detail of your wedding.

More importantly, monogrammed disposable face masks mean additional safety for your guests. The aids are affordable and come with multiple layers of protection.

Linen Face Masks

You might not want simple, but a rustic wedding. If such a theme makes sense to you, you will love linen face masks for your guests.

The best part, linen face masks come in a range of shades. And all the shades will add to you and your groom's style without taking the shine away from you.

Sequin Face Masks

Perhaps you don't want colored satin for your bridesmaids. You could try sequin face masks!

Unlike satin, sequin will sparkle and add to the overall appeal of your wedding. And that's not all; your bridesmaids will also appreciate the idea.

Think of it as a way to thank your bridesmaids even before the wedding is over!


You can always combine and customize your wedding face masks. Regardless of what you settle on, always plan and do well to discuss your choice with your spouse.

For easy decision making, you can weigh the following contrasts:

  • Customized Vs. generic
  • Disposable Vs. reusable
  • One-size-fits-all Vs. varied sizes
  • Theme Vs. color

As soon as you decide on the four contrasting factors we listed, choosing your perfect wedding masks will be like ABC.

BTW, congratulations!

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