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5 Totally Unexpected Honeymoon Destinations

5 Totally Unexpected Honeymoon Destinations

The next important wedding activity after your wedding is your honeymoon. It is one of the important platforms on which you start your life together. You deserve that break after all your wedding planning activities before you jump back into the hustle and bustles of life.

Now when it comes to honeymoon destinations, there a few favorite that everyone loves. Santorini, the Bahamas, and Bali are some of them. If you're looking for somewhere that is not as popular, then this article is for you. The following five places are incredible and fun honeymoon destinations where you can have the time of your lives and some privacy.  

1. An Alaskan Cruise

This is the first idea because it is more than one destination. Relax in a delightful honeymoon suite while you visit many places on a cruise. There are Sitka, Juneau and lots of other beautiful ports where you can have as many adventures as you want. You can also enjoy the scenic views of snowcapped mountains and breathe the clean, crisp air on the ocean. Every facility you'll need is available on the cruise ship, and you'll enjoy the experience.

2. Costa de Prata, Portugal

The translation of this in English means the Silver Coast. The wild countryside and beautiful rugged coastline are what make this destination memorable. You can explore untouched beaches to your heart's content and sneak into Lisbon for a city feel if you want. It's just an hour away.

If you're a free-spirited couple who loves nature, the Costa de Prata is the place for you. You'll love the culture, the historic mansions, and the fantastic cuisine. The best part, Portugal is easy to access and known for excellent weather year-round.

3. Vumbura Plains, Botswana

If you've always wanted to visit Africa, this could be your chance. A visit to Vumbura Plains in Botswana would be an exhilarating adventure that you would never forget. You can see old-world Safari tents, enjoy wine at modern vineyards, and eat gourmet food.

Do you want to fish for your own meal? You can, at Vumbura Plains. Spend your day surrounded by the oceans or dunes if that is what you fancy. How many of your friends can boast of the same? A honeymoon in Vumbura Plain would be memorable.  

4. Dracula's Castle in Romania

Have you always fancied Dracula? Well, there's a big chance the great novelist Bram Stoker based the character and his castle on this one. Known as Bran Castle, this place is located in Romania and would make for an intriguing honeymoon. So why not head there with your spouse and enjoy the vampiric vibes for your honeymoon.

5. Sacred Valley, Peru

If you're big on history, then you should head to Sacred Valley, Peru, for your honeymoon. Surrounded by the Andes, this location will transport you both to prehistoric times in a way that not many places can. It is also a base from which you can take trips to some great nearby archaeological sites. Cuzco, a famous tourist city, is also nearby. You'll enjoy the history, atmosphere, and the fantastic cuisine when you pay the Sacred Valley, Peru, a visit.  

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