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Top 5 Wedding Gifts For Couples Who Have Everything

Hi! We’re Jacobo & Helen, the founding members of DELUXY.

On our wedding, we received a lot of truly breath-stopping gifts. Most of our guests showed up with just about the same boring gifts (which we never ended up using).

After our wedding, we had come to realize how much thought and care it takes to find the perfect wedding gift. Even when you have made a great choice of gift, the cost could discourage you. So, we decided that we would make Deluxy into a brand that caters for deeply affectionate wedding guests. We throw in a spice of fun and keep the cost within reach.

Here is our top 5 perfect gift ideas from us at Deluxy that will wow the couple you get them for. (or your significant other)

1. Mr & Mrs Cheese Board

Invest in your favorite couple's social life. A lovely cheeseboard that can hold nuts, crackers, grapes and all required for a fun time when they have visitors. This board can also work as a charcuterie board. What's more, they can use it as a dinner tray for their Netflix and chill night. The particular type of cheese board we have comes with a secret compartment for utensils. You'll also love its scooped-up edges and the fact that it is moisture resistant.  BONUS: There is no need to gift wrap

2. Mr. And Mrs. Luggage Tags Set

If you're looking for a unique way to aid your couple's travel, this is a great way to do so. These tags are beautiful and will help you speed up your baggage claim. You will be able to easily distinguish which bags are yours, even when others look like yours on the belt. The lovely set we have for sale here at Deluxy is a Mr. and Mrs. luggage set, which also comes with a passport holder to keep your passport safe. 

3.Mr & Mrs Wine Glasses

This gift idea is perfect for couples who are wine enthusiasts. Elegant yet practical, this beautifully packaged stemless wine glass set comes ready for gifting.

Our his and hers matching aprons are the perfect gift for couples to bond. These matching aprons are an ideal choice for couples who enjoy spending time in the kitchen, as they protect the clothes from all sorts of accidents. Whether it’s BBQ, grilling or baking, these aprons are great to have around!
5. Mr & Mrs Wine Tumblers

For a hot day at the beach or by the poolside, a romantic camping or picnic getaway, a hiking trip, or any other outdoor adventure, these insulated wine tumblers are the right choice! Take them with you anywhere you go.


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