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10 Things You Need to Know Before Your Wedding

10 Things You Need to Know Before Your Wedding

Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! We love weddings here at Deluxy. So much that we’ve made it our business to provide couples with the best wedding gift options on our page. That being said, planning your wedding is not an easy task at all. There are chances that you might find yourself overwhelmed at some point. Just remember that what’s important is the love you have for each other. Everything will work out in the end. 

If you find yourself wondering if there are some things you might have overlooked or just need some reassurance, then this article is for you. Here is a list of ten things you need to know before your wedding. We think you might find three, four or all of them useful. 

1. Don’t Be Shy About Your Registry

If there are any items you feel you might need, don’t be shy to add them. The whole idea behind a registry is so your loved ones can get you something you like. Please go ahead and include items you want on it. 

2. Seamless and Nude Underwear Are Important

You’ll be the subject of a lot of pictures over the course of your wedding day. That means you’ll be subject to flashes, and many different kinds of cameras. The right kind of underwear will keep you feeling confident and gorgeous. Seamless and nude colored is the way to go. 

3. Pamper Yourself

A spa appointment the week before your wedding is a necessity. You should book one for you and your partner. A full body massage and some pampering will get you both revitalized. You’ll feel better and ready to take on the remaining wedding activities. 

4. Hydrate

All through your wedding day, please try to stay hydrated. This is especially important if your wedding is in the summer. It is much better to have to take off your gown to pee than to faint during your wedding.

5. Have A Bathroom BFF

And speaking of peeing, a long dress with multiple layers is not easy to pee in. You’ll need someone to come in the stall with you and help. No matter how modest you might be, this is important. So, pick a BFF for bathroom time ahead of your wedding.

6. Keep Food for After

You will be busy on your wedding day. The meal will be served but nerves and people popping by to say hi won’t let you concentrate on it. You don’t want to go to bed on your first night married with empty stomachs. As funny as it sounds, many couples have. Make arrangements for a meal to be sent to your accommodation for the night. 

7. Ask for Your Cake Too

Apart from the bites you have for your cake cutting, you might end up not having any. And we know you’ve been dreaming of that cake from the moment you picked your favorite flavor. Simply ask your venue to save whatever is left over from the cake. 

8. Have an Emergency Purse

In this purse will go your make up supplements, thread, needle, mint, tissue, wipes and other important stuff. No matter how amazing your makeup artist is, you may find that you need to reapply at some point. That’s one of the instances where that purse will come in handy. 

9. Go on Your Honeymoon Next

After the stress of your wedding planning and wedding you deserve the break. A vacation is best and your honeymoon is the perfect opportunity for that. Postponing it to a different time comes with some difficulties. One of those is that your coworkers and family member will be less likely to let you have that time. When it happens right after your wedding, everyone will know not to disturb. 

10. Take Mental Notes

Your wedding day will be over in the blink of an eye. Soon all you’ll be left with are the pictures and videos from that day. Take pauses throughout the day to focus on what is really happening. Look at faces and smile at a joke. These things will collectively come together to form your personal memories of that beautiful day. The pictures and videos can then jog your memories better. It makes for a better wedding experience.

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