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20 Wedding Favors Guest Will Love

20 Wedding Favors Guest Will Love

The best way to end your memorable wedding is to send guests home with great wedding favors. The problem with this is you might be stuck wondering what is right and what isn’t. Also, your wedding guests are probably more than two people, so you can’t guess what they all love.

There’s nothing as sad as seeing your favors forgotten on the table. To combat that, you can get something unique and useful. Edible items are also a proven hit with guests. Here are 20 wedding favors that we think you can impress your guests with on your wedding day.  

1. Donuts

Give your guests a sweet treat by sending them home with donuts as favors. You can get them packaged in customized bags bearing your names and wedding date.  

2. Candles

Scented candles are a favorite amongst many people. Give your guests a scent that would remind them of your wedding day. Any time they turn it on, they’ll be reminded of how much fun they had with you.

3. Seeds

This unique favor idea is perfect for an eco-friendly couple. Send your guests home with some forget-me-nots in seed packets that they can add to their garden.

4. Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate. If you’re looking for a safe option to send guests home with, go for chocolate.

5. Personalized Succulents

We love this idea because it works in two ways. You can also attach name tags to them to use as a place setting at your reception.

6. Mini Champagne Bottles

Personalize mini bottles of champagne and let your guests take home the bubbly with them. This idea also works with mini bottles of wine, juice, and beer.

7. Honey Pots and Jam Jars

These lovely DIY wedding favors are a great hit with guests because they’ll know you put much work into it. Don’t forget to personalize by including your name and that of your partner on the label.

8. Soap

This gift works because it can be customized according to the season. Give your guests soaps matching the scent of something dark like Cedar for winter. Floral light notes are what would work for the summer.

9. Luggage Tags

This gift will especially work if you’re having a destination wedding. Gift your guest’s luggage tags for their travels after your wedding and beyond.

10. Hand Sanitizers

Great for the current climate, you can gift your guests customized hand sanitizers. It is practical and promotes safety and cleanliness.  

11. Face Masks

You’re going to need them for your wedding to ensure safety. Have it customized with your names and wedding date. You can also share masks that match your wedding color palette.

12. Coffee

Pick a fantastic coffee blend that you trust and have used before. Your coffee-loving guests will especially be grateful for this one.

13. Pumpkins

If you’re having a fall wedding, these are the perfect wedding favors. They’ll be relatively easy for you to find. These gifts could also double as place markers.

14. Hot Cocoa Mix

All your wedding guests will love this one. You can go DIY and put the cocoa mix with marshmallows in glass bottles for a personal touch.

15. Candy Apples

Who doesn’t love caramel covered apples? This is another wedding favor idea that is great for a fall wedding.

16. Personalized Blankets

If your wedding is happening in the winter or you know there will be cold weather, this favor idea can keep people warm. You can personalize them with your initials and send your guests home with them after your wedding.

17. Handkerchiefs

The best kind of handkerchiefs to use for this idea are vintage ones. Handkerchiefs as favors will catch the sweat and tears of your guests. They’ll remember you long after your wedding when they use it.

18. Parasols

If you’re having a beach or a summer wedding, this is a great idea! The parasols will help keep your guests safe under the sun during your wedding. They’ll also make for great photo props. If you’re in the spring or expect some rain, you can switch these out for umbrellas.

19. Bottles of Barbecue Sauce

A great note alongside a homemade bottle of spicy barbeque sauce is sure to melt everyone’s heart. You can also grab some locally crafted mini bottles from your local store and then personalize it.  

20. Tins of Tea

You can get colorful tins of tea as your wedding favors. They’ll serve as wedding table décor. Your guests can then go home with them after your wedding.

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