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The Coolest Wedding Gift Ideas For 2020

The Coolest Wedding Gift Ideas For 2020

When couples create a wedding registry, they put together gifts they would love on their new journey together. This is really helpful for guests who don’t have to guess what they would love as wedding gifts.

Sometimes, however, a couple wants to be surprised. Or you as a guest could just decide that you want to give them something that is not on their guest list. If that’s the case, you want to get something they’d appreciate. It would be best if you went for something creative and unique that they would have forgotten to put on their registry. Something they’d thank you for being thoughtful enough to get.

We’ve gathered here some of the best gifts for 2020. Any couple who receives this will be delighted. From travel gifts to kitchen heirlooms, here the wedding gifts we think are the coolest for 2020 at Deluxy.

1. The Classic Bathrobe

Give the wedding couple something lush to relax in while they’re getting ready. This gift could come in very useful during their honeymoon. They could also use it on a day off work or a relaxing weekend. 

2. Honeymoon Luggage Kit

For couples planning their honeymoon, this kit will come in very handy. It contains luggage tags and passport holders. This wedding gift is also perfect for a couple who loves to travel. They can use it as they travel the world together. You can send this as a bridal shower gift or engagement party gift too.

3. Insulated Wine Bottle Carrier

Perfect for the couple that loves to picnic, this wine bottle carrier is impressive. It comes with a padded shoulder strap, making it easy to move with. You can take it with you to a concert, beach dinner, or wherever else you please. It also comes with a corkscrew and a cork stopper. If the couple wedding are wine lovers, they’ll love this gift too.

4. Custom Doormat

A custom doormat is a great way to celebrate a newly-joined last name. Go for an option that is customized with modern writing. A mat with a natural color palette also means your gift won’t be competing with any exterior colors the couple may have outside.

5. Mr. And Mrs. Cheese Board

A couple that cooks together stays together. A Mr. and Mrs. Cheese board will encourage the couple to create cooking memories with each other. This particular version is moisture resistant, and features scooped edges. These edges will hold your meats and crackers in place. It’s the perfect gift for any couple.

6. Gopro Hero8 Black Live Streaming Action Camera

If you get the couple this gift before they go on their honeymoon, they’ll love you for it. This camera has a cult following for a reason. The technology is fantastic! The lucky couple who gets this will be able to capture the remarkable moments at their honeymoon and have those memories with them forever. 

7. Mr. And Mrs. Aprons For The Happy Couple

You can make the couples cooking more fun with this lovely Mr. and Mrs. Apron. With its premium quality and design, this gift will undoubtedly put a smile on their face. This wedding gift is beautifully packaged, such that you won’t need to pay for extra gift packaging. You can give this gift at the bridal shower for the wedding, anniversaries, and bachelorette parties.   

8. Mr. And Mrs. Wine Tumblers

Gift the newlywed couple this Mr. and Mrs. Wine tumbler pair early. Who knows, they might use them for their toasts. They’ll certainly bring them out to give their toasts many times in the future, and you’ll be remembered at such good times. You can see how great this gift would be.  

9. Dutch Oven

Another one for the couple who loves to cook, a classic Dutch oven can be a great gift. They can cook recipes like stews, soups, meat, and bake bread too. A gift like this is an investment that the couple will keep using for a long time. The couple will equally remember you were the one thoughtful enough to gift it to them for as long.   

A quick search on the Deluxy online store is sure to reward you with a thoughtful wedding gifts for your friends. Every product on our site is put there with the recipient’s happiness in mind. We go for the highest quality. Why don’t you purchase your wedding gifts with us? You won’t regret it.


If you would like to see a list of 38 more amazing gifts our partner at weddingreports has you covered. 

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