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Official Guidebook for COVID-19 Wedding Help

Official Guidebook for COVID-19 Wedding Help

We’ve been through quite an interesting year. The wedding industry and couples worldwide have experienced and had to cope through this unpredictable time. Many are still wondering what next? We absolutely understand the need to ask that question here at Deluxy. We’ve gone from restrictions to partial restrictions, and there is so much uncertainty. But we will get through this.

As we learn to cope with the pandemic and places begin to reopen, rules have been put in place. These safety guidelines mean a change in the way wedding ceremonies are going to happen. If you plan to have your wedding any time soon, you should be aware of these changes. So here are some details that could help guide couples who are having their wedding during this COVID-19 pandemic. In the following paragraphs, we discuss the future of weddings and what to expect.

1. Creative Hand Sanitizing

Weddings will be finding ways to make hand sanitizers and wipes available everywhere. You want guests to see them and remember to use them as they shuffle between rooms, make toasts, and interact. Couples will also be very interested in the safety procedures their venue and vendors employ.


2. The Use of Gloves and Masks

We already see masks become a creative part of wedding fashion. They help to curb the spread of the virus. Alongside hand washing and hand sanitizers, masks will be used in weddings until this pandemic passes.

Gloves, on the other hand, have taken on a new meaning. They were a sign of affluence previously but are now being used for safety too. The glove trend was already considered timeless and so will be continuing.

3. Wedding Food

Meals will be served in different ways in this period. The buffet-style will probably be left for a while because of how much personal interaction it requires. Food displays might also be exchanged for passed bites. Your caterer will have an idea of what the safest options are.

4. More Intimacy

One thing that holding weddings in this pandemic will lead to is a smaller guest list. The aim will be to have fewer guests in a larger space to allow for more room. This will automatically mean more intimacy at weddings and thoughtful seating arrangements.

5. Contactless Greetings

Couples and their guests will have to be very mindful of social distancing when it comes to their wedding. That means contactless alternatives will replace regular greetings. Think bows, waves, and winks in place of handshakes and hugs. There will also be many signs displayed around the wedding venue to remind everyone.

6. Minimonies

As a result of the reduced guest list, smaller ceremonies will happen. This will lead to more personalization, as smaller ceremonies are easier to personalize. The sequence of weddings might also change, and they’ll undoubtedly be a rise in weekday weddings.

7. Wedding Invitations

Since the pandemic began, there’s been a rise in the use of digital invitations. This trend will certainly continue for a while because online RSVPs are that much easier to collate. Wedding stationeries will also include a lot more information. Safety tips, the order of participation, the foodservice, and other details will certainly be included.

8. Wedding Websites

Wedding websites will be of importance in this period. An FAQ section will be a must with answers to as many questions as you think your guests will have. COVID related information will also be a necessity.

9. Digital Registries

As an online wedding gift shop, we’ve been following the digital registries trends for a while. They’ll certainly be a boost in their uses during this pandemic. Getting wedding gifts online is way more comfortable and safer for couples and their guests. You can check our online store for a great collection if you’re searching for wedding gifts. 

10. Live Streaming

Technology has been a massive part of human communication since the pandemic began. We’ve seen the live streaming of weddings on the rise. This is because couples want to keep their elderly loved ones safe. We’ll undoubtedly be seeing more of them as couples do their best to include guests who can’t show up physically at their wedding.

Here at Deluxy, we have fantastic wedding gifts that every couple will love. Check out our catalog here and make your purchase. Our delivery is stress-free, and you’ll be happy you went with us. Contact us today! 

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