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How To Have A Wedding in COVID 19

How to Have A Wedding in COVID 19

We’ve come a long way from when the pandemic hit. This year started like every other one, and before we knew it, the whole world came to a pause. Even the animal kingdom was confused (If there’s anything like that, but you saw those videos too!). We’re gradually finding ways to live alongside this pandemic while we look for a cure, but it has not been easy. The wedding industry was particularly hard hit because social gatherings were canceled for more than two months.

There have been many adaptations to handle having a wedding at this time. If your wedding is occurring soon and you’re wondering if it will be possible to hold it, the answer is yes. We’ve seen lots of weddings happen successfully and follow social distancing rules.

For a wedding during this pandemic, you have to start from the planning stages. They’ll be changes in how you communicate with your vendors. A lot of your planning will have to happen virtually, but it’s been done. Here are some more tips from us here at Deluxy on how to have a wedding in COVID 19. 

1. First, Create A Contingency Plan

Calmly consider all the options available to you and make a plan. There’s no need to panic at all. You should also factor the severity of the pandemic where you are when planning your wedding. Check local news to know how severe the infection rate is in that area. Having that information at hand will let you know if to move forward or not. 

The following are three easy plans that you can put in place.

Plan A: In this plan, your wedding is going forward as planned. The infection rates are not as high, and you’ll take precautions. You also have to make sure your venue takes precautions too.

Plan B: Find out from your guests if all of them are safe to come. If some can’t make it, that reduces the number of people at your wedding. While that can be annoying and disappointing, you can better implement social distancing protocols with it.  

Plan C: If the infection rates and numbers are too high, postpone your wedding. It’ll be safer for everyone if you hold on until a time when you can have your wedding safely. This way, you won’t compromise the health of your guests or the community.

Should things be okay for you to go ahead as planned, the following ideas from us will come in very useful.

2. Communicate with Your Guests

Use as many digital methods as possible to communicate with your guests. This way, you can find out who is coming and who isn’t. Do regular updates on your website and send text messages if you have to. We’ve also seen couples do zoom meetings with their wedding party and open Facebook groups. Find out who is coming and who can’t make it.

3. Set Up A Sanitizing Station

Makes sure that your wedding venue has a sanitizing station for guests. Most venues already do, but where they don’t, you could have one set up. Alcohol-based sanitizers, antibacterial soap, and water should also be available in abundance. You could even give out hand sanitizers as part of your wedding favors.

4. Keep A Safe Distance

Social distancing will be a crucial part of your wedding. Handshaking and hugging should be kept to the minimum. Your guests should be encouraged to say a hygienic hello and wash their hands frequently. You can find fun ways to include these activities in your wedding program.

5. For Your Food Menu

Having a buffet meal at your wedding may not be the best idea at this time. A sit-down dinner with servers might be better. However, if you still want to have a buffet, every guest should serve themselves with their own utensils as opposed to a general one.

6. Livestream

There is a high chance some of your guests will not be able to make it. If they don’t, they could still attend virtually after getting you gifts from our store. Many social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, allow for a live option. Have someone set it up to capture your wedding so your loved ones can join in.

The key, when it comes to having a wedding in this pandemic, is to be calm. Remember that you are not the only couple faced with this situation, and there is always a way. Have you added the fabulous items from our store to your registry yet? Check them out here, and please contact us with any questions you might have. Best of luck!!!

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