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How to Host A Bridal Shower Step by Step

How to Host A Bridal Shower Step by Step

Hosting a bridal shower is more than having the ladies show up and party. But if you're here already, we have a feeling you already know that. We supplied lots of gifts for bridal showers here, and we always want what's best for the couple. That's why we thought we should share this guide with potential bridal shower planners. So, here's how to host a bridal shower step by step.  

1. Sort Out the Budget First

The budget is where you'll base the entire shower, so you have to sort it out first. Traditionally, the host carries the cost, but don't be afraid to ask others to chip in. Also, work in your capacity and don't go into debt. The bride will appreciate whatever you can afford.

2. Set A Date

Having a date set up will give you a time frame to organize things. Most people start planning six months before the wedding. The bridal shower often happens two months before the wedding but be sure to consult the bride about what time would be convenient for her.

3. Create A Guestlist

The bride's input is also crucial for this one. Ask her for the list of the people she wants at the shower. Just remember that all the people invited will also expect to receive invites to the wedding. So the bride has to okay your final list.

4. Pick A Location

Picking a location is what's next in line after creating a guest list. The host's house is the traditional location, but if you don't have enough space, that's okay. Pick somewhere convenient, with the right amenities. It should also be a place you know the bride will like. Where in doubt, please ask her opinion.

5. Choose A Theme

A theme will make your shower planning way more manageable. It'll help you add personality to things like the invites, décor, and even the food. Please ensure that you personalize it as much as possible with the bride in mind.

6. Send Out Invites

Next in line after choosing a theme is the sending out of invites. The best time to do this is 6 to 8 weeks before the event, so the guests have plenty of time to prepare.    

7. Plan the Menu

Once you've sent out the invites and the RSVPs come back, it's time to plan the menu. Do your best to stick to food you know the bride will like. The foods should also be easy to serve. If your budget can carry it, you can also have a company professionally cater to the shower. You'll also need drinks, but the kind you serve will depend on the theme of your shower.

8. Buy Decor

Now it's time to get the décor for the shower. Mylar letter balloons, customized posters, garlands, and photo backdrops will be the central part of your décor. You can then decide on the rest based on your bridal shower theme.

9. Plan Out the Games

Some of the options are bridal bingo, wedding mad libs, and guessing trivia. Games will help break the ice at the shower because there could be people who have never met before. Plan the games in ways that they boost up the party when there's a lull. It could be after everyone is finished eating, and before the bride opens her gifts.

10. Create A Playlist

The music won't be the focus of this day, but you will need to have it in the background at some point. Examples are when guests are arriving and when refreshments are being served. The playlist chosen should be uplifting and fun.

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