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Getting The Wedding You Deserve In 2022

If you have waited this long to "tie the knot," you deserve the best wedding. But for that to happen, you need to follow trusted and tested wedding trends. And guess what? We have gathered the top trends in this post.

The best part: the listed wedding trends here never get old. In other words, you can always revisit this post for a friend's wedding beyond 2022. That said, let’s delve into the details!

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5 Wedding Trends That Never Gets Old


Colorful weddings (and events generally) will never go out of fashion. But while that is true, we’ll advise you to stay away from one-color themes. They are not as attractive as combining color and neutrals.

Depending on your palette, there are endless combinations of color and neutrals that you can try. For a start, you can use a touch of green for a natural and rich theme.

Outside green, you can try neutrals like beige and gray. Though they have been in vogue for a while, the touches are still relevant and attractive. And say you prefer a bright theme, you can always use the pop variants of the colors.

Alternative Floral

We understand that you might want to go full-blown on a nature-themed wedding with flowers. But you might want to reconsider that for two reasons:

  • First, flowers are not in abundant supply like they once were anywhere.
  • Secondly, the current wedding trend revolves around affordable alternative floral. Fortunately, the alternatives are available and in abundant supply.

And mind you, using less natural flowers doesn't mean your wedding theme will lose its natural appeal. You can still use monofloral.

Indeed monofloral themes might feel less romantic. However, they can add a much-needed texture to your wedding. For context, the big solo blooms of the floral in particular are a spectacular sight.

'70s Style

The 70s fashion styles have been making comebacks since 2019/20. Take a quick survey around, and you'll see how much everyone is soaking in all the pop culture. Everything, from maxi dresses, frayed jeans, chokers, to even wooden jewelry, screams the good old days.

But beyond everyday life, the 70s comebacks extend even to weddings. And beautifully, the culture adds an extra layer of warmth to the romantic theme. However, we’ll advise you to not go all out if you don’t exactly enjoy the oldies’ vibe.

Nevertheless, you can still adopt trends like motifs and ribbed textures. Also, you can use pressed floral; they can make your wedding invitation cards unique.

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Destination Wedding

Though there was a setback with destination weddings in 2019 because of COVID, they have always been in fashion. Today, thanks to vaccinations and the fewer travel restrictions, this beautiful trend is back.

The fun about destination weddings is that they can also help to reduce expenses on additional honeymoon trips. In other words, you could do your wedding in the same country you plan your honeymoon. And while you're at it, you're helping your friends enjoy new experiences and cuisines too – a great deal for everyone!

But say you can't afford to go all the way to Mykonos. You can try a different location outside the halls. You can even have your wedding on a yacht or sailboat – or anywhere during the sunset on the ocean. Imagine the theme!

Interactive Entertainment

So far, the wedding trends have focused on your needs. But while getting the wedding you deserve, don’t forget your guests. They have journeyed all these miles to celebrate with you with the items on your gift list. The least you can do is make your day fun for all. But how?

Ditch the usual wedding entertainment. Instead, be flexible; expand the fun. In particular, add mini-games and events that are not passive. Examples of such events include:

  • Professional dancers
  • Fortune tellers
  • Violinists
  • Comedians

The list is endless, really. However, ensure that the highlight of your wedding lingers in the memories of your guests as much as yours. That is how to get the wedding you deserve.

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Lastly, try to build connections between your guests. In other words, fit in games that require people to talk to each other – like a team game. Also, use a seating arrangement that facilitates communication.

Overall, have fun, be you, and enjoy the experience. You deserve all the happiness!

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