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6 Tips To Have The Perfect Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is going to be the biggest and most important trip you have been on ever. And not only that, but it's also with your favorite person.

These two things alone would suggest that you're going to have an AMAZING time. And, you should.

But we wanted to help you make sure you have the perfect honeymoon with our six favorite tips.

Best Honeymoon Tips - Top 6

Here are our six best honeymoon tips to help you make it perfect:

  • Plan Your Time & Activities Well (And Early!)
  • Get Off The Phone!
  • Consider Travel Insurance
  • Bring Your Favorite Wine
  • Budget For Additional Costs
  • Think About Special Requests

Plan Your Time & Activities Well (And Early!)

One of our favorite tips is to plan well and early.

Between you, talk about how much time you will spend on activities like exploring and come to agreements. This will stop you from having unnecessary disagreements when you're there.

Many hotels are often also booked out during peak travel times. And if you don't plan early enough, you could have to make changes to your perfect trip or even change the entire destination.

To ensure that everything is booked on time, we recommend booking at least six months before you're planning to travel.

Get Off The Phone

We know you want to share all the best moments of your life, and that's normal. But make sure you aren't spending a ridiculous amount of time on your phone. Turn the notifications off and log out of social media.

Your honeymoon vacation photos? You can upload those when you're back.

Enjoy your fantastic trip with your favorite person to its fullest.

Consider Travel Insurance

Especially now during COVID-19, it may be worth considering travel insurance. Otherwise, your trip may leave you in a position where you have to cover a lot of additional financial costs or have to miss out on the trip entirely, which would be a nightmare.

There are various travel insurances out there, all with different policies. We suggest researching and finding one that suits your trip so that you can ensure whatever happens... It's still on.

Bring Your Favorite Wine

The perfect trip, with your favorite person. What's missing?

Your favorite wine. Make sure to pack it so that you're not left having to search and guess what the local wine would taste like. Don't get us wrong, exploring different wines in countries is fun too, but it probably makes more sense to pack your favorite wine.

Want to make that glass of wine even more special? Check out some of our wine products for couples below. 

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Budget For Additional Costs

No matter where you're going, one thing that is always guaranteed is hidden and additional costs. It may be some smaller fees, or it may be unexpected activities you didn't plan for... Whatever the case may be, we suggest budgeting for these little hidden costs.

When budgeting for your honeymoon, we recommend buffering for an additional 20% or so. This will cover those extra costs you did not think about, and if you don't end up touching it, then that's good too.

Think About Special Requests

Whether it's a specific type of room, a different dinner, or any other kind of special request, let your hotel know in advance.

Some special requests you can consider are:

  • Rooms on a certain floor/with balcony
  • Rooms with a bath
  • Special requests for breakfast/dinner
  • Additional room service

Whatever the case may be, you'll want to let the hotel in advance.

Final Thoughts - Just Have Fun

We hope you have enjoyed this article on the best honeymoon tips. Our final piece of advice would be just to have fun with your favorite person. Don't overcomplicate it, but don't forget anything important either. Instead, just enjoy the time of your life.

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