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What Makes a Great Wedding Gift? (And How To Find One)

When it comes to defining a “great wedding gift”, ideally, it would be something that the couple can use. In other words, a gift that the couple can enjoy and cherish, which means it isn’t just for one person. For instance, a pair of cufflinks is not the best wedding gift because it can only be used by one person. 

On the other hand, a present that both of them can use which even has a "Mr & Mrs" would be great, as they can both use it.

The point is, you'll want something that both of them will enjoy, not just one. Throughout this article, we're going to take a look at some ideas, and help you find the perfect wedding gift.

A Honeymoon-Related Gift for the Couple

If the couple is getting married, you know that they are going on their honeymoon soon.

This means you can maybe give them something that will make their honeymoon even better. It can be something related to travel such as passport holders and luggage tags. As we specialize in wedding gifts, we have matching "Mr & Mrs passport" holders and luggage tags over at our store.

You can also get very creative, and find some type of gift that relates to their travel, for example, a camera to take photos. The choice is yours. Alternatively, it can be anything else that the couple can use together, it doesn't have to be related to their honeymoon.

Or, you can also consider donating to the couple for their honeymoon, which they'll probably appreciate a lot as well. That being said, it may feel a little less personal, as it's not something they can hold on to.

Mr and Mrs stemless wine glasses

Sure, the couple may have everything, but we are pretty sure that they don’t have etched wine glasses. One of the reasons why wine glasses with their names etched on the glass is a great idea is because there is a high probability that they (the couple) don’t have them. The other reason is that it is something that the couple can enjoy their special moments with like toasting at their first wedding anniversary.

The etched wine glasses are also a very personal and intimate wedding gift, which ticks another very important box needed to make a connection. That “connection” we are referring to is the couple’s ability to make an emotional connection to the wedding gift which has nothing to do with its financial value.

The Gift Should Reflect the Couple’s Personality

Your understanding of the couple’s habits, their hobbies, and their chemistry should make it easier to choose a gift. For instance, think about where they met. If the couple met at the bowling alley, for instance, they probably enjoy the weekend at the local bowling alley, so a bowling related gift would probably make more sense. We’ve seen etched and customized bowling balls which would be an excellent idea if they don’t already have a pair.

Finally – Avoid Generic Gifts

If the couple is your brother, sister, a best friend, etc., you will want to avoid generic gifts, because they are going to receive a lot of them anyway. The more personal the gift, the better. 

Try to think out of the box, so that you know they aren't going to receive the same gift as yours many times.

If you would like to get some ideas, you can also check out our store where you'll find special wedding gifts that the couple will love. 


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