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Top 10 Best Wedding Destinations

Top 10 Best Wedding Destinations

Planning your wedding will be one of the most exciting experiences of your life yet. There are many fine details you’ll have to pay attention to and many services to be employed. One of the most critical parts of your wedding planning will be choosing a location.

You’ll forever be linked to wherever you decide to hold your nuptials, so it should be a place you like. If you’re choosing to have a destination wedding, there are many options out there. From the popular locations we all love, to the ones not many people know about, here are our top 10 best wedding destinations.  

1. Santorini

Santorini is famous for its whitewashed houses and breathtaking cliffs. A wedding here would undoubtedly be one for many albums with beautiful images. You can have a beach wedding at many of the beaches available on this island. The black sand beaches of the east coast are a favorite for many couples. People also love the red sand beaches of the south.

2. Fiji

In Fiji, you can walk down an aisle of soft white sand and say your vows to the rhythm of the ocean. You won’t lack for privacy as there are more than 3000 islands available here. If you’ve always dreamed of having your wedding on a tropical island, this is the destination to consider.  

3. Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. You’ll love the stunning endless vineyard fields and the beautiful architecture. You’ll also enjoy the tranquility and romantic atmosphere at Tuscany. If you have your mind set on an artistic wedding, Tuscany could be where your dreams come true.

4. Rome

For lovers of history, Rome presents a destination full of historical gems. This city has existed for millennia and is linked to numerous significant figures. Enjoy stunning architecture at the colosseum and beauty at the Trevi fountain. Wherever you choose, your destination wedding in Rome will be one to remember for many years after. 

5. Saint Lucia, Caribbean

The beauty of the Caribbean cannot be overemphasized, and St. Lucia represents this perfectly. With lovely white volcanic sand, bright blue waters, and impressive waterfalls, your wedding here would be mesmerizing. Many people have been known to visit and never want to leave.

6. Portugal

There’s a reason why Portugal ranks high on many traveler’s bucket lists. From the impressive architecture to the hospitality of the people, Portugal is a gem. This location has multiple options for your wedding and the vendors to make it happen.

Find your wedding venue in Lisbon, Sintra, and many other beautiful regions in Portugal. This destination is also known for its fantastic weather. It is straightforward to travel here from anywhere in Europe too. 

7. Banff, Canada

The beauty and tranquility of a wedding held in Banff, Canada, will always stay with you and your guests. With perfect settings that need no external décor, all you’ll have to do is get dressed and get married.

8. Marrakech

From the mouthwatering cuisine to the vibrant colors, Marrakech is undeniably a lovely destination for a wedding. Located in Morocco, this city presents you with an opportunity to have a unique wedding. You’ll enjoy the fantastic exotic sights and stunning Islamic architecture.

9. French Riviera

French Riviera rose to popularity as a resort for royalty in the 19th century. It also boasts of being a destination for famous artists to relax and have a good time. This gorgeous destination can host your wedding too. It has beautiful weather year-round and a coastline many can’t resist.

10. Paris

Also known as the city of love, there is no better way to celebrate your love than in Paris. If you’re looking out for an unforgettable wedding experience, Paris will give you just that. You can have a day time ceremony in one of the many available gardens with lovely flowers. A night time ceremony with the Eiffel Tower lighting up the city would also be impressive. Your wedding would be memorable and timeless.

So, which of these beautiful destinations will you head to for your wedding? Don’t forget to get our lovely Mr. and Mrs. luggage tags, which come with passport holders for your travel. Here at Deluxy, we stock many thoughtful gifts perfect for a wedding, anniversary, honeymoon, showers, and Christmas. Check out our catalog and shop with us today!


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